June 24, 2011

I’ve got one, my college roomate told me this story, his great grandmother died when he was starting middle school, at the funeral he ran into a cousin who he had not seen in a long time, this was the 2 years older than him cool cousin with a motorcycle, so anyways the funeral is going on and they get bored so they decide to go talk and have some burguers at a place near the funeral home, they go they talk and come back. Long story short, the funeral ends and the cool cousin goes back to wherever he’s from.

Fast forward one year, cool cousin got in a bike accident and dies.

Fast forward a couple of months after that, my roomates sister brings a ouija board to their house they play with it, when they ask the spirit’s name it spells out R-o-d-r-i-g-o, the cool cousins name, my roomate freaks out and his sisters too, they start feeling nervous.

My roomate tells them that you’re not supposed to joke with that kind of stuff, thinking that they were spelling out his name on purpose, and he said “if you really are Rodrigo, when our grandma died, we went for some burguers, what did we have to drink?”.

Now the girls hands are on the planchette and it moves and spells out H-O-R-C-H-A-T-A, horchata which my roomate knows that that’s what they drank, he never told anyone about that and he’s freaking out, he says he just ran out screaming totally freaked out about this, he insists that his sisters had no way of knowing that detail, what they drank.

After that the girls started to believe that the ouija was real and started playing with it more and more and more fucked up things happenned to their family, dad’s alcoholism, loss of a sweet job, one sisters schizofrenia kicked in, just a list of bad luck or unfortunate events.

It could just all be a coincindence but I’ll never fucking touch a ouija board.

– Posted by Watanabex ; Nosleep


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