June 24, 2011

A couple of my friends and I went to Vegas on a budget-trip (three days and $100 to spend). We stayed in the Vegas Hotel on Freemont Street, which we had heard was haunted. We brought along a Ouija board a friend of mine had found in a dumpster (in perfect condition), and decided to try it once at night and once during the day. First night we’re there we try to use it at 3:33 AM, but don’t get anything. The following day we use it at around 2 in the afternoon. For a few minutes we don’t get anything, but then the planchette jerked slightly and all of the lights go off in the room. Understandably a little scared, we throw open the impenetrable hotel shades and let some light in. We go outside our room and look down the hall – it’s pitch-black. None of the emergency lights have turned on. We hang out in our room for a few minutes before we get tired of waiting in the dark, then decide to walk the ten or so stories down to the street. We get to the huge fire doors separating us from the elevators and stairs, and find it locked.

There was a total electronic shut-down in the hotel. Something had caused the electricity to fail completely in the hotel – even the backup generators weren’t working. We were trapped for about two hours in our hotel.

– Posted by SapientPearwood ; Nosleep


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