kept having a dream about a hospital waiting room.

June 20, 2011

When I was a pre-teen I kept having a dream about a hospital waiting room. I remember what the doctor looked like, I remembered where everyone in my family sat, I remember the pictures on the wall. People were talking and crying but the dream was muted. This dream recurred every night for a little over a week…. My dad was rushed to a hospital out of town that I’d never been to while I was away with my mom. When we arrived we walked into THE waiting room and immediately my whole family sat in their seats as they did in the dream. I knew immediately he was going to die that day. Another time I had a dream that showed a car crash with a white car. I couldn’t recognize the car but I knew the highway. I just knew the car was white. A week of recurrence followed by my best friend dying in a white car along the same stretch of road.
I’m not a believer in psychics or anything like that and do not in any way feel like I have a “gift”. But I do find it strange that this continues to happen to me when someone I’m close to is about to die. Now when I get these dreams I literally freak out b/c I know something is going to happen. The shitty part is that I never know who or what.

– Posted by immachicklette; Nosleep

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