Because She Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye

June 20, 2011

My sister was 20 when she died. Her son was almost 2. She had been sick for 4 months and was in intensive care for the last 3 weeks or so. Finally she passed at 1.10am.

My nephew was sleeping at his dad’s parents house that night. His aunt told us that at 1.20am he came into her room, woke her and said there was somebody in his room. She was groggy and told him to come sleep with her. He got into her bed and went back to sleep.

The next day they were driving to the hospital to see my sister’s corpse and arrange to have her moved to the funeral home. My nephew said completely out of the blue..”Mammy was crying because she didn’t get to say goodbye; but she’s happy now.”

– Posted by witchknot ; Nosleep


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