“Go tell Bill to move his still.”

June 19, 2011

This isn’t my story, rather, it’s my grandmother’s.

When she was about seven and her sister was about five (this was during Prohibition) my grandmother snuck her best friend’s Ouija board into the house. Her parents were busy chatting with a visitor that the kids had never met, so Grandma and her sister went into their bedroom and played with the board.

Grandma’s sister asked the Ouija board, “What should we do today?”

The board replied, “Go tell Bill to move his still.”

They didn’t get anything else out of the board, so they returned it to my grandmother’s friend.

Later, my grandmother’s father came back from running errands with some news. The visitor they had been chatting with earlier was an old friend of theirs named Bill, who had been arrested after he left for selling illegal moonshine.

My grandmother never played with Ouija boards again, and forbid them in the house.

– Posted by secretarybird ; Reddit

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