Cowboy Boots

June 19, 2011

All of these occurrences take place in the same house. The house was built in 1905 and there is a small cemetery in the woods on the opposite side of the farm about a half mile away.

  1. While my parents were living in the house, my cousin and I stayed in my brothers room on night while visiting. I was sleeping on the floor and my cousin in the bed, the rat bastard. At some point during the night, I felt a hand run down my face and across my lips. Of course I thought this was my cousin trying to play a trick, so I just roll over and think nothing more of it. Then I feel the same thing again a little bit later. This time I opened my eyes, not seeing anything, so I wipe face and roll over and go back to sleep, albeit a little uneasy this time. Once again, after a little bit, I feel the same thing but at this point I’m getting irritated because I think it’s my cousin fucking with me. This time I just did what I could to spit in his face, jump up and was about to beat his ass, except for the fact that I realize he was snoring his ass off. Being skeptical of his snoring, I stayed awake for a little bit watching him to see if was faking it, turns out he wasn’t.
  2. When we moved in, I converted my brothers room into my son’s room, apparently this was a mistake because in the two years we lived there, he stayed in that room 3 nights….the first 3 nights. My wife and I were awoken about 2 am from blood curdling screams from my son. I run up the stairs to see whats wrong, but there’s nothing wrong and I marked it up as a nightmare. Being a bad father at the time, I kind of yell at him because it’s 2am and I have to be up in 2 hours. I try to go back to bed, but he kept screaming and slamming his door. Being pissed I got up again and tied his door shut. This was the last time ANY door was ever locked/tied shut because of the way house felt afterward. So after tying the door shut, I try to go back to sleep, again, not happening b/c of the screaming. This time me and my wife go up there and since I’m fully awake, I noticed that his eyes were permanently fixed on the closet behind us. Remembering my experience and others that my brother told me, I kind of realized what was going on and moved my son to our room from that point on.
  3. My mother was briefly visiting and said that she seen a woman in her mid to late 20’s in a blue Victorian style dress standing in the kitchen and asked my mother “Please Help Me”. My mother also said that she seen 2 young kids, about 5 years old, run from one room to the other upstairs going through the walls.
  4. My mother in-law was staying the weekend with us and said that around 3am, she saw a little boy hanging by a rope in our stair well. She wasn’t able to see above the boys chin because of the ceiling, but said he was wearing old cowboy style boots, jeans, suspenders, a red long sleeve flannel shirt, and the accompanying rope around the neck. She said that his boots/feet were pointing down limp and the body was slowly turning. (We never told her about anything we seen prior to this).
  5. I walked into the dining room in order to get to the bathroom. For some reason I felt drawn to look to my left and seen a little black shadow figure about the size of a 5 year old sitting with it’s knees to it’s chest and fiery red almond shaped eyes beneath the piano. We stared at each other for what seemed to be about 2 minutes, then I heard something in the kitchen, when I turned back to the piano, it was gone.
  6. While my son (on the floor), the wife, and I were sleeping in the master bedroom I heard the sounds of toys and the dresser knobs being played with. Of course I roll over and tell my son to go back to sleep, the sounds stopped. I hear it again a short time later, and again, yell at my son and the noises stop. Again, a little bit later I hear it again, this time I wake up look to my left where my son is, he’s snoring and in the same position he was when we put him to bed. All of a sudden I look towards his feet and see the same figure as in #5, drop a toy car, and run towards a dark corner in the room. While it was running I heard the sounds of cowboy boots. As a side note, there was light coming in from the living room/hallway because the mother in-law was staying the weekend again.
  7. The Christmas after we moved out, we came back to visit my parents (they had a house built across the drive way). I wake up around 730am and go upstairs for some coffee while my wife and son slept in. My mother asks if I had taken my son out to play in the snow. I reminded her that it was 730 and there was no chance in hell we were going to be up that early to play in the snow. I asked her why and she said when she went out to feed the pigs, she noticed kid size boot prints leading from the back door of the above house going across the field towards the cemetery. The prints were clearly cowboy boots, not animal tracks, and they were only leading in one direction.

Sorry about the length of everything, but these were just the more memorable events, there were plenty more.

EDIT: Since asked, here’s a couple more:

  1. After moving out of the farm house, another cousin was visiting my parents, and was out on their porch having a smoke. He took a flash light so he could spotlight deer in the field but decided to point the light towards the house. He crossed the window where my son’s room was and he could see a rocking chair rocking back and forth. He didn’t think anything of this until he passed the light over the window again and there were just random objects in the room in front of the window were things were stored.
  2. EVERY day we lived there, all of my wife’s ornaments were moved to face one way or another. We had a small shoe cupboard with about 8 pictures on it all facing inboard. In the morning we would wake up and they would be perfectly center and aligned facing one direction.
  3. There was an old pantry off the back of the kitchen that we blocked entry into by putting a couple end tables and microwave in front of the door. No one had ever witnessed anything in that room but as soon as you walked into it, there was just a VERY heavy presence on everyone. It really sucked when the water valve buster because I had to go in there to fix it. Needless to say, I made sure that someone was with me the entire time.
  4. At a different house when I was about 9 years old, I woke up to foot steps in the hallway (my door was open) around 2am. I looked over towards the door and seen an older woman passing by in a long light blue night gown. Years later I found out while talking to my grandmother and looking at old family pictures that it was my dad’s great-grandmother checking in on him.
  5. At a friends house, we both saw a little girl about the age of 7 in the attic and would randomly hear foot steps at night.
  6. We were at my aunt’s funeral and during the eulogy, I got a weird feeling and as I’m looking at her body, it appeared that her spirit sat up and slowly lifted away. I apparently had a weird look on my face because my wife asked if I was ok and it looked like I had seen a ghost. Then she realized what she just said and she asked “Did you just see her?” I just nodded my head and quickly walked out of the funeral home afterward to tell her what happened.
  7. At my mothers old apartment, she refused to go into the garage at any cost because she said that in the back left corner, she had previously seen demonic shadowy figures. Also, one night a friend stopped by her place while no one was there and she asked her later if we had problems with the electricity. We said no and asked why, she replied that the lights were flickering on and off through out the place. In the room my mom so lovingly setup for me when ever I stayed around the area, she had several crosses hung on the walls. On one by a closet, she had to nail it up because she found it upside down on several occasions.
  8. During my honeymoon to the Pocono’s in PA, we stayed at the house my grandmother owned….this was a mistake despite having stayed there with family before. The night we got there, we stayed in the master bedroom and I was so tired I didn’t hear anything. But my wife swore up and down that she heard footsteps from upstairs. The attic was converted into a room that you accessed by going up the stairs in a closet. The next night, being more alert because of my wife, I heard the sounds too, also the toilet would periodically flush by itself. Having worked construction, I know if there’s a leak toilets can do this or fill up, but how random it was happening and with everything else going on, didn’t help matters. We were supposed to have stayed there for 5 days, on the 3rd day we left because she couldn’t take it anymore. So on our way back home, we stopped at her aunts house….we traded one haunted house for another.
  9. At the aunt’s house, they had seen their deceased grandmother in the bathroom mirror, a 12 year old girl in the closet who would occasionally try to talk to my wife’s cousin, civil war soldier boot sounds, and the misc moans and groans (non-living kind).
  10. Hopefully my son will not have to deal with this kind of thing. Although while living at that house, he used to refer to the boy as “Little Red Friend”, thankfully he doesn’t remember that anymore.
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