“be a good girl”

June 19, 2011

I have no recollection of my experience because it happened to me between age three to about four and a half, as my mother tells me. I can’t think of a reason why I would have made this up at that age, or how I would have even known of the concept of ghosts or a supernatural dimension of sorts.
Anyway, at age two my parents separated, and at age three my mom, my brother and I moved into a small house in another town. It was when we were living in that house that I would occasionally be “visited” by my late great-grandmother, who had died while my mom was pregnant with me.
When I first saw her, as my mom tells me (remember I have only the slightest vague memory of this) I was in my mom’s room with her and all of a sudden I go dead silent and am staring at the window in terror. My mom asks what’s wrong and I tell her that there is a lady in the room, by the window and she’s scaring me, just looking at me but not saying anything. Obviously my mom was freaked out by this, but these types of visits started happening fairly frequently, always by the same old lady. Eventually, the visits stopped scaring me but it was always very obvious by my behavior when I was “seeing” her.
Since I described her always as a grandmother-type lady who wasn’t mean but very nice actually, my mom decided to show me some pictures of the family, and I immediately pointed out the lady in a photo of a family reunion with about fifteen other people in the shot. The lady I pointed to was my great-grandmother, who I had never seen a picture of before.
I would tell my mom that the lady told me to “be a good girl” and that “the family needed me to be strong” or something to that effect (seeing as the divorce was very hard on my family). There is one memory I have vaguely of lying on my mom’s bed and seeing her watching me from the closet, and knowing that it was ok.
Sorry for writing a novel, I never ever tell people this story, even friends, because I know how hard it is to believe, and I don’t really know what to make of it. I don’t want to believe in ghosts but so many people have had experiences they swear by, it’s easier to accept than to deny in many cases. In my case, I can’t see why my mother or I would have come up with this on our own, so I just accept that something I happened that I can’t explain.
Edit: Realized this is not “creepy”, per se, just strange.

– Posted by vtnysplit; Reddit


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