Why Did You Pull Over?

June 18, 2011

 Roadtrip with 2 other friends, driving through the redwoods in Northern California. I’d been driving almost 14 hours that day, it was night, and we were sorta looking for a motel, but there was nothing around for miles. This truck pulls up behind me and starts tailgating with his high beams on. I eventually get tired of seeing the bright lights, so I pull over to let him pass, he goes roaring by and turns a corner and disappears. While I’m pulled over, my friends start asking me why I pulled over.

Me: “Uhh, that guy was tail gating me so I let him by” Them: “What guy?” Me: “The guy in the bigass truck tailgating us? His lights were blinding me” Them: “No one passed us, dude”

Sleep deprivation… I really want to say I wasn’t that tired, I’ve driven super tired before (scarier than the one time I drove under the influence) but that’s the most plausible explanation. I -was- the only one driving on the I-5 roadtrip because my friends don’t know how to drive stick, nontheless, I get shivers down my spine every time I think about it. The lights were REALLY bright.– Posted by Smyley; Reddit


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