“Think quick: you’re the witness to a violent crime. What do you do?”

June 18, 2011

I experienced what I think was sleep paralysis not too long ago.One morning I woke up, but I was still in that groggy, half-asleep state that leaves you only slightly aware of everything. So I’m laying in bed and in my head I start to hear an argument between what I somehow instinctively know is a man and his two parents. The arguments gets heated and I hear the son kill the two parents. As the parents die their voices fade and a narrator talks directly to me:

“Think quick: you’re the witness to a violent crime. What do you do?”

As he talks, the words he says flash before my eyes. I can see police lights flash red and blue in front of me.

“This may seem like a real nightmare. But there’s just one thing…”

My vision clears and I can see my room.

“This is not a dreaaaaaaaaam.

As the voice says the last word it turns much lower, more distorted, more demonic. My body begins to shake violently and I feel like I’m about to die. Then suddenly, I’m thrust from my half asleep state and become aware of everything. It may seem relatively tame compared to some of these stories but at the time it was terrifying, especially since the voice seemed to be aware I was sleeping and wanted to make me doubt it.

– Posted by yoyomrpopo; Reddit


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