The Shuffler

June 18, 2011

The dorm that I stayed in during my freshman year of college was on the 13th floor of what was once a hotel. Before school even started and before I moved into my dorm, I had heard stories about the ghost that haunts the building. He is affectionately called The Shuffler, and his signature is a traveling sound similar to shuffling feet/hands sliding along your walls. A few months after I had finally moved in and got settled, everyone had had their experience with The Shuffler (nothing too horrifying, but unsettling nonetheless).

One night at about 4 in the morning, my roommate, her girlfriend and I all woke up to the sound of our huge free-standing metal closet banging violently for short periods of time over and over again (sounded similar to repeatedly slamming a filing cabinet shut). We frantically closed the window and turned off the fan in hopes that the banging was caused by a draft or possibly changes in the air pressure. It happened for another half hour and we finally called our CF (community facilitator, basically just an RA). She came in with a high heeled shoe ready to stab the rodent or creature that was trying to get out. By now we were all screaming so loudly that most of the kids in my hall were cuddled under our blankets on our beds watching the madness (one of the kids was crying and crossing himself). The door was finally opened and nothing came out, so we all kind of sighed and forgot about it.

A few minutes later after the door was closed again, we heard the banging once more and everyone immediately ran out of the room leaving me, my CF (who has been putting up with this for 2 years already and claims to have the power to tell the Shuffler to leave) my roommate, and her girlfriend to deal with this shit.

I finally had the brilliant idea to duct tape the door closed and put a little post-it note with a cross on it (making fun of the situation so I could maybe be able to fall asleep in that room again). We all turned off the lights, closed our eyes, and the banging continued. I turned my light back on, and for the first time actually saw the movement happening – the tape was wiggling, the door handle was moving, and the stuff we had stacked on top of the cabinet was sliding around a little bit.

After that, the Shuffler jokes were no longer funny and I never once slept in that room by myself without the light and TV on ever again. It also took a lot of courage to look in my bathroom mirror thinking that I would see him standing behind me.

TL;DR – A ghost in the dorms that everyone thought was bullshit made a major appearance in my room and made a guy cry.

On the tenth floor they said that a girl was smoking in her room and died in a fire. They supposedly tried painting over the charred walls and every day when they came back to do a new layer of paint, the walls were charred again. If you look(ed), the room still has the original door. So bizarre.

Me and some friends once set up recording equipment in a location where there were a lot of Shuffler complaints and when we played it back, we all could have sworn we heard “GO HOME” in an angry whisper.

Our ceiling tiles moved very frequently and we could hear papers on our desks moving at night. We also had a fan fall off of our dresser one night for absolutely no reason.

– Posted by CrtnySmth; Reddit

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