Nothing good ever happens when Iron Maiden plays on the radio while you are driving.

June 18, 2011

appened a week ago. Driving late at night on a long road trip with my family in the car. Radio was playing and the next song that came on was iron maiden. My husband jumps up (was reclining in the passenger seat asleep), Yells OH SHIT! and quickly turns the radio station. I asked him why he did that and he said, “Nothing good ever happens when Iron Maiden plays on the radio while you are driving. Be Careful.”

Assume another crazy idiosyncrasy of his and keep driving as he reclines his seat to go back to sleep. However, as I am mulling over his crazy superstitious reaction, I start getting a little creeped out by how certain he was of this. Eventually move on to other thoughts and keep driving while singing to stupid songs.

Another hour later, it starts to rain. I see the temp dropping fast and move over a lane and slow down from usual speed racer MO. Not ten minutes later a car cuts in front of me, decides to cut back over to the left again, almost hits the car on the left of him. He over corrects in front of me and skids on a patch of black ice. I start braking hard and wake up sleeping husband again. He pulls his seat into sitting position and says “Oh Shit” again. The guy in front has started zig zagging between the two lanes and hits two cars on the left and then taps the car in front of us, who moves over to the right and keeps going. He starts to spin around once and is sitting horizontally directly in the lane in front of us. I am still braking hard and preparing for impact when another car on the left hits him and pushes him over to the next lane. car on the right side of me impacts and then the car in the far right line T-Bones the guy. Both are now off in the ravine by the shoulder.

I asked my husband to call the number on the signs to report the accident and pulled over two miles down the road at the next rest stop.

My husband told me I never said a word the entire time. I doubt I would have as I was just focusing on trying to slow down as much as possible before I T-Boned this guy.

While at the rest stop we are discussing the accident. My husband ran over and bummed two smokes off of some guy smoking in front of the building and we shakily smoked a cigarette outside of our car together (neither of us smoke anymore…but we both really needed that). Kid is still asleep in the car oblivious to entire event.

My husband can’t believe we escaped that entire thing while every car on either side of us took some damage, some more serious than others.

I told him I was more freaked out by his warning than I was over the actual accident. He looks at me and asks, “what warning?”

He doesn’t remember jumping up while sleeping and changing the radio station, or telling me to be careful.

tl;dr – husband warns me of car accident in his sleep….

– Posted by cookeyummmmm; Reddit


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