There in the gutter, lies a dead baby.

June 16, 2011

About 9 years ago (so I’m roughly 12 yo at the time), I had a particular dream.

I was walking down my street, towards my house, which had ambulance lights flashing all over. As I get closer, the lights fade, and my attention is drawn to the sewer drain in front of my house. There in the gutter, lies a dead baby. It was a horrible image. I continue towards my house. My uncle is in the front yard, looking towards the baby, sobbing softly to himself. Near the front steps of the house, my aunt is completely broken, balling her eyes out.

I wake up.

The dream really shook me, enough so that I told my parents. They gave me the usual “it was just a dream”(which it was) speech… That same day, my mom gets a call from her mother. Apparently, my aunt, the one in my dream of the previous night, had a miscarriage, that SAME NIGHT! Still creeps me out.

– Posted by Lazarus5214 ; Reddit


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