June 15, 2011

Not a personal experience, but it’s the creepiest thing I have ever heard:

My then-girlfriend told me the story of her friend Dan who shot himself in the head after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq. Dan was well-liked among everyone in his neighborhood, particularly one younger boy who saw him as a brother-figure. As you can imagine, the boy’s parents didn’t know how to explain to their son what had happened to Dan, so they told him he was still over in Iraq. A couple weeks later, the boy got up from the dinner table, wandered outside, and several minutes later returned. When his parents asked where he had been, he replied “I was talking to Dan.” Shocked, his parents asked him what Dan had said. “He said he was sorry and he didn’t mean to pull the trigger.”

– Posted by heresthebestpart ; Reddit


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  1. I’ve had pretty close to the same thing happen to me when I was 15-16 years old. It was around ThanksGiving and as usual the family drove down to my Aunt’s farm outside of Allentown, PA – well as usual, my brother and I went out to the stables and we were in the middle of dressing the horses for a ride out to the lake and back. I was pulling on the underbelt of the saddle and cut the palm of my hand and start screaming like a little girl how its bleeding like hell and from behind me I heard a familiar voice that I hadn’t heard in a few years – My cousin Dominick, Laughed and said to me “It didn’t really hurt at all.” The fact he was there was a real trip as he is from my mom’s side of the family – from Galway Eire. He was in a soldier’s fatigues and had the biggest grin on his face – he waved turned around and walked out of the barn.
    Well I tried to catch up with him, yelling back “How would you know, I’m the one who is cut!” but he was gone…
    That night my Aunt Sarah from Eire called and Told my mom that Dominick who was part of a peace-keeping NATO force in Sri Lanka had been shot close range in the head. and was probably dead before he hit the ground.

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