I realise it’s not my mum.

June 14, 2011

When I was younger I used to see what I thought were ghosts, it was mainly family that I hadn’t met but it upset my mum if i mentioned it so I never did. Then by the time I was about 5 it all stopped.

From 11yrs old to about 12year old, I used to get premonitions in my dreams, just major events such as people dying / car crashes, to people close to me, I had around 3 of these, all in the same format. Dreaming, black and almost like photographs in a slide show go past. With info, for example I see my uncle lying dead in his front garden, then a lawnmower, then a digital clock 11:38. My mum also dreamed that he died that night. About a month later, he died while cutting his front garden from a heart attack… We still talk about this from time to time.

Anyway, when I was about 20 or 21. Perfectly asleep, wake up and roll over, its middle of night and almost pitch black, just some light from my digital clock on other side of room. I think I see someone sitting in the corner of my smallish room. They are crouched down with their back to me. I rub my eyes thinking Im imagining something. Shes still there, I say “Mum?” because at first I thought it was her, no idea how she got in my room and closed the door. I was calm. When the person turns looks straight at me and points right at me, I realise its not my mum. I was completely freaked and kicked my duvet out at the woman and as it passed through her she disappeared instantly. Very freaky, and I got a sense that it was a girls mother (who I was arranging to date) that I had never met that I was very interested in at the time who had died a few years before (i never seen a photo online msn / phone relationship etc.) Sorry I tried to tell 3 stories in one!

– Posted by tinnedtuna ; Reddit


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