3 Cats

June 14, 2011

Right about the time I was leaving for college, My parents sold the home we’d lived in and bought a house closer to where my dad works. This wasn’t just any house though, it was the same house a good childhood friend of mine had lived in for many years. His family had 3 or 4 cats (my old memory fails me on the number) all of which had lived and died in that house before he and his family moved away. In the time between their move out and our move in, a couple of other families owned the home for short periods. The first night after the house became ours officially, my father had asked that I stay there overnight and make sure no one attempted to enter the residence, because the former owner (the most recent one) had a deadbeat son, and we hadn’t gotten his garage opener or keys from him. It was a spooky house at night with no one around, and there were lots of little creaks and groans that made staying there uncomfortable, but I was managing. Then I had to go to the restroom. As I was taking a piss, I heard what sounded like a “meow” behind me, and startled, I turned to look and saw 3 cats sitting in the Bathtub. I turned to zip myself up in a hurry and then turned around again, and there was nothing there. I was weirded out until morning.

– Posted by moneypej ; Reddit


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