“Leave him alone.”

June 11, 2011

I traded leases with a friend (they were getting married and wanted to live alone and I just lost my roommate who moved away after graduation) I ended up in an old farm house. I had been there many times to party, and heard the stories how it might be haunted. One of the first times my friends went there and in an otherwise empty attic they found an old painting of a married couple hidden away. Anyways, one night well I was sleeping in my room, the one with the only access to the attic, I woke up and heard/saw to elderly figures looking at me and arguing. The man seemed to be angry and intense, the woman calm and peaceful. I don’t remember what he was saying or doing, other than it was aggressive. The woman though, clear as day remember hearing her try to calm him down saying, “He’s ok, he isn’t hurting us or anyone. Leave him alone.” It still kind of freaks me out.

– Posted by twofeetcia; Fark


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