Another Fishy

June 11, 2011

Alright darn it…I hope no one recognizes me. So, I read the account about ‘Fishy’ and I have to post. I knew him too, or his cousin or something. Deadly serious. From the time I was old enough to remember to the time we moved from our first house (that I lived in), ‘Fishy’ (though I didn’t name him) hung around. In my room mostly and only at night time and he would sit or stand on the end of my bed for hours….all night most of the time. He never made noise except when he touched me and he only ever touched my feet. When he didn’t it wasn’t so much an audible noise as it was a harmonic that sort of went through me and made my ears buzz. And he’s not yellow, he’s orange. I was never afraid of him (I have no idea why…I sure as heck should have been) but I promise you it was as real as you or I. There was no purpose to him. He just sort of hung around for a few years and then went away. It wasn’t nightly or anything…just every now and then, kind of like he was bored. I am 36 now and I can remember quite vividly the way my feet would feel when he would touch them, like a low amperage electric charge was passing through them…almost a relaxing feeling as they would tingle a bit. Occasionally it would tickle, but usually just tingle. Dude…that’s odd as a cod but I promise you it’s the truth (as I perceived it at the time). I was about 4 1/2 when we moved, so quite young.

– Posted by rindeee; Fark


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