Oscar’s Chair

June 10, 2011

Our theater’s ghost was named Oscar. When Oscar was alive (in the ’50’s from what I’ve heard), he was a maintenance worker. His favorite place on campus was the theater. Sometimes he’d take a break during his work and sit down and watch rehearsals. He always sat in the same chair. He was a really quiet guy. Nobody really knew much of anything about him. One night (closing night of a popular play), after everyone else had gone home, Oscar climbed up on his favorite chair and hung himself from the beams backstage. The chair is still there. It’s one of those old metal ones with a pull-out step on the bottom. Most of the time, it’s just a normal chair. However, when a play is running, the chair can’t be moved. The story is that Oscar is sitting in the chair, watching. After closing night, you can move the chair again. I tried it for myself when I was a stagehand for some one-act plays. The chair wouldn’t budge. Then, after everything wrapped up on closing night, I tried again. It moved without any problem. I left to go to the after party. I drank a lot after I got there. I haven’t been back in that theater since.

– Posted by [Since Deleted]; Nosleep


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