Grumpy Old Man

June 10, 2011

We rented a house for 3 years a few houses up the street from the home we currently own. My oldest son was in 7th/8th grade at the time, and as is typical was going through a period of total asshattedness. Apparently this dipleased the spirits as they visited him rather frequently. There was an old grumpy man who my son would wake up to in the middle of the night, standing at the foot of his bed, sometimes with a elderly lady dressed in red and green. The grumpy old man wore baggy pants, suspenders and a bowler, like 1940’s fashion. My son was too petrified to scream so normally bore these visits on his own. One night I was downstairs and heard the patter of my son’s feet walking down the long upstairs hallway to his bathroom, heard the toilet, heard him walking back to his room at the end of the hallway to go back to bed, then I heard him running his arse at top speed back down the hallway and downstairs to me. He was literally white as a ghost, sweaty and shaking. On his way back to his room he glanced into my bedroom and saw the grumpy old man “standing” in the middle of the room- where my bed was, staring him down. Another night I was making the rounds before turning in, walked into my son’s room and he yelled “MOM!?” Apparently Mr. Grumpy had been giving him something similar to a Vulcan nerve pinch until I walked into the room.

My youngest son also experienced the grumpy old man. One night he got out bed, you know how kids are sort of dazed when they’re awakened? He was sort of dazed and very mellow. Anyway, this kid is an obsessive/compulsive collector, and displays all his collections neatly and with a lot of pride. The old man walked into his room, walked over to his collection shelves, took stock, walked back to my son’s bed, leaned down and softly said something to the effect of “that looks very nice” or “nice job”, and walked back out.

This same son along with my oldest were playing out back one day and saw an older woman dressed in red and green “walking” on our back deck asking about her missing cat. She was actually floating a bit above the deck, and left the yard by the side gate. The boys followed behind her but she was totally gone once she was out the gate.

I myself saw nothing, but did witness genuine fear in my kids, as well as our dog who would suddenly get up and begin growling and sometimes barking at absolutely nothing visible inside. And she was focused on whatever it was too. I did hear loud knocking, we all did, on the window of my husband’s basement office. It was always investigated an no one was ever seen, but the knocking was heard often.

After living there for 2 years, we decided to ask our lovely next door neighbor lady, who has lived there since the subdivision was built in the mid-1960’s, if she had ever heard any of the previous residents mention odd things happening in the house. She said no, but a few days later she came over and told me that she had sort of laughed about our stories to her son, who grew up there, and he told her that when they were kids in the mid-1970’s, the kids that lived in our house then told them stories about a grumpy old man ghost who visited frequently. Her son just laughed it off…until he heard about us! It also came to light that the original homeowners’ mother(the kids from the 1970’s grandma) died in my oldest son’s bedroom. She kept cats.

Our 2 oldes sons have had other paranormal experiences at other homes as well, in NM and OH, since very young ages. He doesn’t like to talk about it much, but once in a while we can get him going. He seems to have a “gift”, but he really doesn’t see it that way.

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