But This Time

June 10, 2011

While may husband and I were dating, he lived in Austin, TX. He was renting the upstairs of a friend’s (inherited) house, and was often there alone while the friend was out of town on extended consulting jobs.

First I must point out that my husband is a very level-headed guy, and while he is an imaginative person he isn’t the sort who would give a moment’s thought to a house being haunted or speculating about ghosts.

Late one night my soon-to-be-hubby called me, sounding very nervous. He said that he had seen “something” in the house on the stairs – a human form. He said that it was a transparent white shape without features, but shaped like a person. When I pressed for details, he said that he was coming out of the bathroom at the top of the stairs, and the figure was walking up the stairs towards him. He also admitted that he had seen this whatever-it-is once before, but this time it raised it’s “head” and looked at him – and that it had eyes that seemed to glow.

He decided to move out soon after that.

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