the physical experience was like that of taking sick, sudden, and dreadful.

June 9, 2011

Years ago I used to work at the Seelbach hotel downtown. And the top floor is only used when the rest of the hotel is booked, so it goes a long time between uses. It’s mostly ballrooms/meeting rooms, and maybe ten regular rooms total up there. I had been sent up to do some “freshening” before a big party booking, and was working alone. Typically roomskeepers work in pairs. I was straightening beds, spraying air freshener, and dusting, that sort of thing. I was sort of on my guard already because I’d been caught watching TV in the rooms and gotten in trouble for that. So my nerves WERE a little on edge already. Anyway- I kept feeling like someone was watching me. Kept thinking it was my supervisor trying to catch me with the TV on again. (I didn’t have it on.) This one room, at the corner, is laid out differently than the rest. In that room, the mirror is opposite the door to the hallway, not next to it as is normal in all the others. I was making the bed and I got that feeling of being watched, again. So I look over my shoulder- Nobody there. I turn around to pull on the bedspread (straighten a wrinkle) and there, in the mirror in front of me, I can see a woman standing in the doorway. All I could see was her head, over my shoulder. White woman, light coloured hair, bland expression- no malice or anything. But the room got freezing cold and I had the awfullest feeling. I turn around, and look over my shoulder into the doorway- and she wasn’t there. But turn back- she was still in the mirror-doorway. I could not get out of there fast enough, all the skin on my whole body was crawling. It was so weird, because I’d always thought I’d be fascinated if I ever saw something like that, saw a ghost, whatever- but at the time, the physical experience was like that of taking sick, sudden, and dreadful. Couldn’t get warm, and had the whole Flight or Fight thing going on.

Apparently apparitions on the tenth floor are not unusual, but they’re not harmful either. I didn’t go back up there that day, they had to get someone else to finish my rooms, I was too shaken up.

– Posted by Nmissi; Fark


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