Reveal Yourself.

June 9, 2011

Growing up in a small country town Walkersville Md. I had a friend living in an old old city home. *chimney/fireplace in the middle of the house* His sister was into wicca and played with the ouija board with her friend for fun. There was a person that talked to them so they claimed on a regular basis. An older man but very little detail about him was ever given when asked. Sonja had asked many different times that the “spirit” reveal himself. Nothing happened and the board was put away… I thought that it was all bullshiat and went back to watching the Redskins game with Kenny.

It was getting late the game was over and Sonja was in her PJ’s as she was getting ready for bed. Ken and I were just shooting the shiat and She come running out of the bathroom creaming like sometihing out of a horror movie and crying.

We were all shocked and her step dad calmed her down enough to tell us that while brushing her teeth a man appeared in the mirror…

Her fear was real and this story still send chills some 25 years later.

– Posted by GR8idea; Fark

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