Each floor was haunted differently

June 9, 2011

I’m just out of of a haunted house, where I’ve been living the last two years. Crazily haunted. Every person I ever had visit me–and this includes entire parties at once–has had something happen to them. I’d have friends over, and they’d say “Oh, I didn’t know you had a cat!” I don’t. But nearly every person who came into the house would see a lovely little chocolate-brown kitty. She’d run down the stairs and disappear, or twine between your ankles for a moment, or sit on top of the couch and look at you one second, and then be gone the next.

The basement was horrible. Each floor was haunted differently–the basement was malign. Sometimes there would be the sound of mens’ voices chanting and singing, sometimes there would be laughter. The lights would flicker and dim, though that’s easily enough explained away in an old house. I had one friend in particular come to my house for a birthday party(Halloween is my birthday), look very frightened and then leave; the next day, she informed me that she’d been dreaming of my house for years without ever seeing it before, and that something in the basement, in the dreams, always wanted to eat her. She described my basement flawlessly, down to the number of bicycles in the right-hand room, and the broken washers, and the stack of forty-year-old Playboys.

The third floor was where I lived, the attic space. Whatever was in the attic space was benign, and a lot of fun. She looked a lot like a fourteen-year-old girl, redheaded, and she had a physical form at times–at the same party the other friend took off from, she crept up behind one of my guy friends and squeezed him on the ass, and giggled. And when people bedded down for the night,too tired or drunk to go home, she slid into bed with one of them and let out a happy, happy sigh right into his ear. She liked to open the bathroom window when it snowed.

Two years of this stuff going on got a bit tiresome, though. I miss Upstairs Girl a little, but the other two floors were…not nice enough to stay, when I had somewhere else to go.

– Posted by Kaneta; Fark


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