“don’t close these eyes”

June 9, 2011

I have taken care of the dead by trade for many years. This ocurred when I was newly licensed and living in an apartment over ther Funeral Home. Over the course of a couple late evenings, a normal decedant turned into another personal proof of the spirit world. As with many of these experiences it is the totality of the experiences, that give reason to believe. In this case it was over the course of 2 nights.

It’s 1Am in the morning the woman’s eyes were wide open in a way that seemed to say “don’t close these eyes”, but she wasn’t home, she was physically dead. From the beginning,it seemed that something might be in there. I put the lady on the table and rested her head on the table while I gathered my tools. As I did, moving to a cabinet to the right of the embalming table, her head rolled, like with gravity, in that direction with her eyes piercing through me and looking right at me at the same time. I had another cabinet at my left that had equipment as well, she did it again. I hoped it was just coincidence, but I am a dumbass, and I set her head looking at the ceiling, and moved to the right, if her head didn’t roll over and stare me in the eyes.

The first task I set was to close her eyes. I have never had any more difficulty before or since in closing anyone’s eyes. Finally with forceps and krazyglue, I was able to keep her eyelids shut. The embalming went poorly, her circulation was very restricted. I went to bed at about 3am, and didn’t sleep very well. I was able to convince myself that it was no big deal, and I was looking too much into things.

The next night, after her family had come in and made funeral arrangements. She was dressed and in a casket in the reposeing room. I was down in the funeral home farking around on the internet. I heard a raucous noise, loud stomping, wall banging in the direction of that reposing room. It started moving in my direction through the winding hallway of the ca.1913 Funeral Home. I buried my face in the keyboard and prayed. A rush of wind blew through the room and out a hallway behind me. I stayed there praying and shaking for what seemed like an eternity.

I believe.

– Posted by Plasticmojo; Fark


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