June 9, 2011
A couple things having to do with my wifes grandfathers death. It’s a lot of incidents, but worth the read:

He had a heart attack while driving from his home to his farm, where he worked every day. He ended up going into a persons yard and running right into their willow tree, and was found with his tires still spinning when someone drove by (home owners were at work.)

Wierd thing was, the passerby shut off the truck to stop the wheels and see if Ron was ok (of course, he wasn’t.) He swears up and down that he never took them out of the ignition and the sheriff attests to the same. Yet, they were missing, along with the garage door opener (which he and grandma used instead of the locked garage door on the side.)

Well, they just assumed that someone must have snatched them, but no body new when. People were around the truck the whole time. But, still, no big deal. Grandma changed the locks and got a new garage door opener, to make sure whomever had these items never tried to rob the place.

Well, about three months later, Ron’s cell phone is still sitting in a drawer, and has been deactivated since a couple days after he died. Grandma’s phone rings, and whomever it is hangs up. Not knowing how to check the last call made, Grandma has her daughter in law check for her. The last recieved call was Rons old phone number, recieved not five minutes ago, and the number had been canceled for the last three months. Everyone goes white in the face, and Grandma runs over and pulls open the drawer with the phone only to find the keys (HUGE farmers keyring with every key he’s ever owned on it) and the old garage door opener sitting next to it. The phone doesn’t even turn on due to a lack of battery power.

But, even before that, my wife and daughter went up to his funeral (I had to work, so I stayed in Virginia and didn’t go to Michigan with them.) My daughter wasn’t even a year old yet, but she decided to take her because she figured it would help her Mom and Grandma to have something cute to focus on.

Well, Grandpa (Ron) had a weird habit of blinking hard. Meaning, he squinted and contorted his entire face when he blinked (blunk?) Maybe all the years in corn/bean fields and automotive shops caused it, we don’t know. But it was something we had only seen him do.

Well, upon arrival at my mother-in-laws house, my nine month old daughter starts doing this weird, hard, squinting blink, and smiling every time she does it (like someone is playing “peek-a-boo with her.) NO ONE else in the family has this habit, so she didn’t pick it up from any of them. But she kept doing it the entire time they were in Michigan, and for about a week after they got back down to Virginia. And I can tell you, it was the exact same way Ron always used to blink. She had never done this before, and has never done it since.

Ron was a stubborn old coot, that’s for sure. To stubborn to go without letting people know he was still around and kicking, I suppose. Freaked us all out, to be sure.

 – Posted by Shadowknight ; Fark


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