June 9, 2011

not a ghost story but…

at Thanksgiving one year, my sister, two of my cousins, and I decided to play with a Ouija board. We were asking stupid questions about whatever to begin with. One of my cousins always fought with her brother (he wasn’t there), so she asked: How old will my brother be when he dies? So we all put our hands on the pointer thing, and it went to the numbers 1 then 6 for 16 (he was around 13 at the time). We were all thinking she was pushing the pointer to some early age because she didn’t like her brother. She then asked how he was going to die and the board spelled out “Driving”.

Three weeks after his sixteenth birthday my cousin got in a car accident on the way home from baseball practice one afternoon. I remember playing in the yard with my brother when my mom came outside and said to come in, my cousin had just gotten into a car accident. The first thing I thought about was the Ouija board, and it’s like I already knew he was dead. He had severed his brain stem among other injuries, so he would have been on life support indefinitly. My aunt and uncle decided it was pointless to keep him that way and he died later that night.

I asked my sister if she remembered playing with the Ouija board but she didn’t, or maybe didn’t want to. I eventually got around to asking my other cousin if he remembered what happened and he said he did. I obviously wasn’t going to ask my cousin who had lost her brother.

I don’t believe in God, ghosts, haints, or any other supernatural crap. But I still have no way to explain this one.

– Posted by siberiankiss; Fark


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