small wave and he was gone

June 7, 2011

I was fourteen years old, a freshman in highschool and had just torn the cartilege in my knee playing football and had big knee support on my leg.

My grandfather was sick in Florida and we had flown into to see him. He was bedridden with a live-in nurse. Everyone knew it was the end. One night we went to dinner at my great-aunt’s house and I couldn’t sit at the table because of the knee support (it didn’t bend). So, I’m sitting next to the table with everyone else, facing the outside window.

Looking out the window I see my grandfather looking in, just briefly, small wave and he was gone. AND he didn’t look like he had earlier in the day, emaciated and yellow from the cancer. He looked like I would always remember him. It freaked me the fark out. I just sat there for a few seconds stunned. Then I turned to my mother and her sisters and told them that grandpa must have died, she asked why I said that and I told her what I had just seen.

Then the phone rang and it was my grandfather’s nurse, he had just died like five minutes prior. Now, everybody was freaked the fark out.

Damn, I hadn’t thought of that in years, I just gave myself the willies.

– Posted by Release the Hounds; Fark


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