Paper and Pen

June 7, 2011

First, I do not believe in ghosts.

[Very long story short] I was writing the days events on a pad of paper. The paper, and pen were the only two things on the table. The pen was on top of the paper on a diagonal slant.

The next morning, the pen is exactly where I left it. It was even at a left handed slant, but the paper underneath it was gone. I got a new pad, and rewrote (now) yesterday’s events.

Every day for the next week, nothing more, out of the ordinary, happened . . . until the last day. I walked into the kitchen, and there on the table was the pen, on a left handed slant, below that, the original pad of paper, and below that, the duplicate pad of paper.

I was the only one in the house the entire week.

– Posted by [Since Deleted]; Reddit


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