“Open That Door And Tell Me What You See”

June 7, 2011

I worked at a castle for a bit in 2005, so already the setting is perfect for one of these encounters. Now, I never believed in ghosts, so to change my opinion on that is quite a big thing. Such as another episode which changed my views on possible afterlife, but I’ll get to that some other time (it involved being dead for two seconds). ANYHOW. This ghost.

I worked alone, up in the rafters as a sound and lighting technician, so I had my own little perch above everybody as I did my work, and after working I had to head through a corridor that only I and three other staff go through, they only use it as a shortcut to get to some hotel rooms. Its not really a corridor to shout about, its a bit dingy, has that musty old castle smell to it and not very ornate like the public areas of the castle. There’s a props room along it too where all the stage props go, which is like a big broom cupboard.

In this broom cupboard there’s another door to a corridor that’s unused, but some of the more daring and younger staff know it takes them from there to the laundry area really quickly, cutting off two or three minutes of their journey. They’re not supposed to use it on health and safety grounds, but you know what young people are like. This corridor has all the hallmarks of creepy. Its not lit, its dark, has cobwebs and is long and with only a few dingy windows. Already that’s enough to steer me away.

This one night I was putting some props back in the props cupboard when I hear footsteps moving insanely quickly through that corridor, I instantly freeze and stare at the door thinking ‘what the holy fuck?’ and next thing I know two of my friends have just barrelled out of the door and crash onto the floor, pale as fuck and out of breath. I kneel down, grab Martin and pull him up, he’s freezing and has the literal ‘you look like you’ve just seen a ghost’ look on his face. He’s shaking and stuttering, but he says to me ‘open that door and tell me what you see’.

So, with Martin and Emma staring at me (I helped her to her feet too, before you ask), both pale faced, I nervously edge over to the door, knocking over a sword on my way and nearly crapping myself. I take all the courage I can get to glance down the corridor, and fuck me, towards the end of this DARK, UNLIT AND DINGY CORRIDOR there is this shimmering light and just this grey figure standing there, a woman, in a dress typical of the old occupants of this castle. She’s staring out of the window and not moving, just standing there. Martin and Emma are peering over my shoulder by this time, and we stand there for a good minute or two just staring at her. She doesn’t notice us, I don’t think she can, she’s a ghost and unable to interact with us I guess.

It was strange, really, she was so calm looking, the scene was really tranquil, but really fucking scary. She then turned and walked the opposite way, disappearing through a door.

All three of us left our jobs there soon after, it just freaked us out too much. Good thing too, ’cause I got a better paid job at a gig venue!

A few years ago I was at my then-girlfriend’s house, her mum’s a nurse. We were in the kitchen and suddenly something just came over me, and I started feeling nauseous, so I called for a lift home as I didn’t think I’d be able to walk it without passing out or something like that, and I would’ve had to walk alone, which would probably not be a good idea if anything like that happened.

So I was stood there leaning against the kitchen counter, my head spinning and my girlfriend hugging me, and something didn’t feel right. So she got her mum, the nurse, to come in, and she checked my temperature – I was freezing, I then said I feel like something’s not right inside and she decided to check my pulse. She says to me that I haven’t got one, or if I do its incredibly slow.

Those are the last words I remember before being in this completely tranquil dark space surrounded by people, nobody talking, all completely stone-dead silent and calm faced. We’re all walking towards, yes, you guessed it, a fucking light. Not like at the end of a tunnel, its like a shimmering spot that both fills the entire space yet doesn’t, its there, but isn’t. We’re all walking silently towards it, and it shimmers like nothing I’ve ever seen, the most pure white light and the most beautiful shimmering that just engulfs you as you get closer. I felt cold, but at the same time totally peaceful.

Then I woke up and vomited everywhere, including on her cat.

Apparently i’d been dead for a few seconds and mum-nurse brought me back.

– Posted by orange_kevin ; Reddit


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