Mariner Moose

June 7, 2011

*Ok, So my first and second I guess supernatural encounters happened when my family was living in Maine. We lived in this not so old but big house out in the sticks. I was about 13 at the time and in my bedroom I had a plush Mariner Moose (the mascot for the baseball team), sitting on a shelf near the end of my bed. A few weeks into living there at night I would dream that the moose would get up and and pace back and forth across the shelf. Sometimes like the moose was in deep thought, sometimes it would just be a frantic sprint and be twitchy. I wanted to make sure I was dreaming so the next day I set him in a certain spot on the shelf, put a piece of tape underneath him so I knew exactly where. That night I had the dream again. Woke up the next morning and the moose was sitting at the farthest point from where I set him that night. I was freaked out by that point and thought maybe I wasn’t dreaming at all.

*My next story takes place in the same house, and further provoked my belief that the house was haunted. My mom started a little Christmas wreath making business in garage. They would have the radio on and be listening to music while decorating the wreaths. At about the same time everyday the radio would somehow change the station to this old time 40’s music. We thought for a bit that the radio station just changed what was playing. So one day we decided to watch it. It got to about that time and we notice the knob on the radio is actually turning by itself to the old time station. Mom was promptly freaked out and unplugged the radio that day and continued to make wreathes in silence.

*My next story takes place in northern California, Me and a few friends were driving home form Dillon beach at about 2 in the morning. I was the DD and completely sober. My friends were all pretty high in the back seat. I was driving a jeep wrangler with the top down so no protection from anything. We are about a mile from the beach and anyone who has been around the coast knows it can get really foggy at night. well it was. Thick fog and I was driving slow so didn’t go off the road on one of the many curves. My friends are all having a time laughing and telling stories and then I slam on the brakes. They get all mad and say what the hell was that for. I just said “look”, and in front of the jeep, illuminated by the headlights was this.. thing. It had an arched back, it was pretty hairy, but pieces seemed to be falling off. It wasn’t walking normally like a dog, it kinda waddled and it was bigger then a dog, the arched back easily went up higher then the hood of my jeep. And the walk, the walk is what made it bad. It was twitching across the road, like it was having a seizure or something. At that point I didn’t see its face until about the time hit the other side of the road, where it froze and snapped its head and looked at all of us in the car. Then it got up on its hind legs and sprinted into the woods. The face looked not of a dog or bear or anything wild that could have been there. It really is indescribable but looked like somewhat of a mix between dog and human. I legitimately believe I saw a werewolf that night. We all do. I floored it after that and was pretty much freaking out the next few weeks.

So yeah, that’s what I have seen in my life. Definitely stopped me from sleeping a few nights

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