Glowing Orange Eyes

June 7, 2011

i also dont really believe in ghosts, but some weird stuff has happened to me also.

i was reading in my bed one night (i was about 13) and just out of the corner of my eye i cold see out my door into the hallway. gradually i started to realize that i could see a silhouetted figure standing perfectly still staring at me. it had long hair that was in a ponytail like my father wears his, so i figured that was who it was. however, i realized that they had faintly glowing orange eyes. when i turned and looked no one was there. i quickly jumped up and sprinted downstairs and saw that my mother was the only person home.

also, the next day i was on my computer which was situated on a landing at the top of our stairs. i heard someone at the bottom of the stairs and when i turned to see who it was a bright orange package with light blue ribbon flew into view and landed a few steps down. when i went to grab it there was nothing there. i asked my mom if she had thrown anything up the stairs and she said no.

i can still vividly remember both of these experiences and i remember never being able to sleep in that house. the first night at our new house was the greatest nights sleep ive ever had.

like i said, i dont believe in ghosts. but damn, something was up with that house.

– Posted by [Since Deleted]; Reddit


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