Boy In The Mirror

June 7, 2011

Copied from my thread in r/nosleep.

My dad’s student’s girlfriend (yes another friend of a friend of a friend story) was at her family’s cottage alone one day. She takes a picture of herself with her phone to send it to her boyfriend. Boyfriend gets the text, and answers back “cute picture sweetie, but who’s that little boy behind you?”. She thought he was joking, since she was home alone – plus she took the picture standing with her back against a mirror, meaning if her boyfriend saw someone behind her, it would actually be someone standing right in front of her, so she should have seen him.

She opened up the picture on her phone, and this is what she saw. (this picture is the compressed one her boyfriend recieved which he later sent to friends or others interested, including my dad)

She immediately ran out over to her neighbours house and refused to go back to the cottage. She had to recieve help from shrinks and meds a long while after the incident.

I personally hate that picture, if you zoom in the boy’s(?) face is all blurry and seems to be looking up at her in a creepy way? D:

– Posted by mygrapefruit; Reddit


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