a young woman asking me to follow her

June 7, 2011

I lived in a haunted apartment for a year. The apartment was 12 feet by 8 feet nothing. I started having these reoccurring dreams of a young woman asking me to follow her and thought nothing of it but never followed her in my dreams. One night I follow her in the dream and she crosses a stream and I stop. Nothing weird about that except for the guy across the stream loading a clip into his gun cocking the gun then discharging the clip over and over. I wake up from my dream to see a shadowy figure dripping wet in the doorway to my bathroom. Freak out and look away to see the same man at the foot of my bed with the gun. I throw the sheets of me and look back to the bathroom, she’s gone. Look back to the foot of my bed and he’s gone.

Time goes on and the dreams are now every time I go to sleep but only at my apartment. One night I wake up to my tv turning on and flashing through the channels with the volume continually getting louder. I try my remote, doesn’t work. I try the buttons on the tv, nothing, so I unplug the tv and go to bed. I wake up in the morning, plug in my tv and sure enough it’s in the 200’s somewhere with the volume cranked. wierd thing is the tv shouldn’t reach those numbers and when I changed channels to get the tv back I couldn’t get back to those channels.

As time goes on I start having lights going on and off. My radio would turn on, change channels. Bulbs in the apartment would explode or turn on their own at night and towards the end it was day and night. Even started to see the dripping girl on a weekly basis around the apartment.

The biggest event came from when I finally followed the girl through the whole dream. I woke up because of light flickering around in my apartment to see a hooded man at the foot of my bed. Thinking someone has broken into my apartment I lunge at them from my bed and we start exchanging blows trashing my apartment. We square off and he manages to reach out his hand and just touch me in the chest with two fingers. My whole body shuts down and I fall on my back. He then proceeds to crawl up on my body and stand on my chest. I ask what the fuck do you want? leave me alone. figure disappears and I lay on the floor till morning and head of to class. I come home and my place is trashed.

I know what you’re all thinking and no I don’t do drugs and wasn’t taking drugs when this happened. Other people experienced the lights but only one other person ever saw the girl.

What freaked me out was the landlord describing the couple that used to live in the apartment and one day just up and moved with a half-month rent still paid up.

TL:DR – Lived in a small ass apartment for a year with two ghost.

– Posted by workingfortheman; Reddit


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