a flute/picolo started playing.

June 7, 2011

When I was 4, I remember a game I used to play with my sister, who was 18 months older than me. She took me to the back yard. She then yelled “start.” And then, a flute/picolo started playing. Then she yelled “stop.” And it stopped. I tried it myself. I heard the music start and then stop.

We would play this game whenever we felt like it. And always on cue, the music would start and stop. When my sister went to kindergarten, I could even do it by myself.

Our backyard was fairly deserted during the day. And we knew everyone in our neighborhood. Becuase we were so young, we didn’t think our game was that strange. I probably last played the game when I was 6. Perhaps it stopped working and that is the reason why.

And it’s funny. My sister and I almost forgot about it. We were driving in the car a few years ago and i said, “hey do you remember that…” She interupted. “I was just thinking about that. Was that real?”

I often think of going under hypnosis so I could relay what the tune that flute/picolo played. And I’m sure it would be the creepiest thing.

– Posted by sloeride; Fark


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