They all said my desk had been empty all morning.

June 6, 2011

This reminds me of my days of working in an ad agency in NYC. One of the creepiest moments of my life happened there, and I honestly never want to set foot in an office again.

This was when I was around 24. It was a pretty new job—I had been there for about four months—and was hoping to leave whenever a new job popped up. I needed the money, and I had a lot of friends working at the company, so it was an easy enough position to get into, and the work wasn’t too bad (doing stuff that temps usually do, but with a little more responsibility).

Anyway, one Monday I wake up to find sunlight pouring into the room. Odd, I think, considering that usually it’s still dark out when I wake up (around 6:30). Looking for my alarm clock, which had fallen off of the nightstand, I saw that it was 9:30 am. My shift starts at 9, so I was going to be late by about an hour if I didn’t get my ass moving. I had never overslept before, and I really didn’t want to piss off the boss, who had been riding me the past few weeks for assignments that I hadn’t completed on time. Anyway, I figured I knocked the clock off the nightstand at some point last night, disabling the alarm. Whatever the reason, I needed to get to work as fast as I could.

I make it to the parking lot around 10. I park my car, run into the building. Here’s a quick description of the office: an elevator gets off at a hallway, maybe 75 feet long, with reception on the right as you leave the elevator. Straight down the hallway is where the cubicles are, with conference rooms lining the left side of the hallway, big glass windows so you can always see what’s going on in there. You can see my desk as soon as you get off the elevator, as it sits right in the first row of cubicles in the center of the end of the hallway. Basically, anyone coming out of the elevator can see me and my desk clearly.

So I get off the elevator, heart pumping and half expecting the boss to be there waiting, or at least have a message from him ready for me at reception. Nothing. I walk straight past reception, except the secretary sort of looks up at me strangely, half startled and half scared. Whatever, I pay no attention to her. The conference rooms on the left are being used, as is usual for Monday mornings. I try to walk past without looking into the rooms, but everyone in each room stares at me as I pass by. I’m starting to panic, like they all know I’m going to be fired or something. Except they look more scared then curious, like I’m going to find out something that I shouldn’t find out.

Trying to forget all this weird behavior, I focus straight ahead on my desk. What I see goes from weird, to terrifying. Someone is sitting in my cubicle, typing on the computer. I think, maybe the IT guy is doing maintenance on my computer, or something like that. But the man turns his head and looks right into my eyes. This is where I feel the blood freeze in my veins. My head starts pounding with fear, and every muscle in my body tenses.

The man sitting at the desk is me. The spitting image of me. Same clothes, same hair, same stare. He looks at me, startled, and then starts to pack up papers frantically. I move faster down the hall, but by the time I’m within 40 feet, he sprints out of the cubicle toward the other corner of the building. I break into a run, hoping to catch up with him. As I turn the corner, I don’t see anyone running away. Even worse, everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy. I check all of the neighboring cubicles, no trace. I begin to ask people who the hell was at my desk. No one knew anything, they all said my desk had been empty all morning. They hadn’t seen anyone. Bullshit, I told them all. They got this worried look and eventually the boss was called over. At this point I’m still sweating bullets and panting. My face is red and my hair is all disheveled. He takes one look at me and asks if I’m okay. I tell him what happened and he just gets this look on his face like “this guy’s a fucking lunatic.” There was no one at my desk all morning, he tells me. He checked every 15 minutes, seeing if I had shown up yet.

Now I’m feeling crazy, because no one else saw this guy who looked exactly like me sitting at my desk. The way he ran away, it was as if he were doing something he shouldn’t have been. I try to push it to the back of my mind as I go to the bathroom to splash water on my face. I spend a while in there studying my reflection, feeling uneasy at the sight of it. I come back to my desk feeling a little better about everything, but still shaken up.

When I sit down at my desk, there’s a new word document on my computer desktop, untitled. I open it, feeling a new rush of adrenaline. This is what it said:

Name: (my name) Location: 8462421.856 – 844c

Absent. Will be fulfilling role until recalled.
Current parameters unclear, though outline is primitive.
Log #521952 has been updated with key information regarding the status of (me).
Operation has b

and then it’s cut off.

I’m still convincing myself it was an elaborate prank by my office workers. I left that very same week, after not being able to come to work without having anxiety attacks. I’m now working as a busboy at a restaurant in Massachusetts and am much happier. Looking into mirrors still puts me on edge.

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  1. What a fantastic story! Actually, this whole blog is fantastic. Who runs this?


    • Thanks! I figured other people might be interested in all the random creepy stories I enjoy finding online, so I’m glad others do.

  2. Have a very happy holiday and new year. I look forward to reading more stories on this blog.

    Thanks for all your help 😀

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