The Haunted Apartment of Parsippany

June 6, 2011

Now, for my own tale of terror, I give you… The Haunted Apartment of Parsippany…


My wife and I had moved into a new (larger) apartment, and after a couple of weeks started noticing weird stuff going on. Noises in the night, cold spots, that sort of thing. Nothing that you can’t put down to rational explanation, and so we did.

Except one day, as my wife was washing dishes, she hears me walk up behind her and feels me put my arms around her.

The only problem being, I was nowhere near the kitchen. Needless to say, this freaked her out in a major way, and we started being more attentive to those noises and such.

One day, she goes to the mall with her mother, making sure that all the candles (she’s one of THOSE people) were out before they left. When they returned, all the candles were lit again. They think I must’ve come home in the meantime and lit them all, and are suitably freaked to learn that I’ve not been home all day.

Then, in the middle of the night there is a terrific CRASH in our bedroom. A framed picture over the bed, which has been there for months, suddenly decides now is a perfect time to come loose from the wall. We didn’t know what the fark it was at the time, but she asks me, terrified, “Is everything all right?” and I, MR MACHO that I am, reply, equally terrified, “No!” Many screams ensue.

To this day, I don’t know what the Hel was going on in that apartment, but whatever it was, it didn’t seem to come with us when we bought our house.

No… the house came with a whole DIFFERENT assortment of spooky weirdness. Maybe next Samhain…

– Posted by Transhumanist; Fark


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