I saw something “slither” out of the corner of my eye

June 6, 2011

I worked one summer at a fireworks wholesale lot in Ohio. It was family run and was on the 3rd or 4th generation management. The guy’s grandpa had mafia connections back in the day (bootlegging illegal fireworks), and they also made the illegal products on site.

Someone from the local mob rigged the light switch in one of the buildings to detonate something right next to the door. This one lady came to work early that day and flipped the switch – kaboom.

Fast forward.

We worked A LOT at night. I’d always felt weird inside the building where the lady died, even though it was like 60 years ago (yes the building was still there, these folks are crazy cheap and didn’t rebuild it), but never really frightened. If I had to fill an order by myself out of that building I always worked at break-neck pace. It was really spooky. I’m getting crazy shivers typing this up right now.

One night while we were locking all the trailers/buildings up, my friend mentioned that he had seen a ghastly image of a lady in the back of one of the trailers a little ways away from where the person had died in the explosion. I was like “whatever, that’s total shiat”. So I closed that row of trailers that night. This particular trailer required you to jump up into it. I did..and heard a female voice. We had no female employees outside of the ones who worked the show room and they all left hours ago (this was at about 3am). I whipped my head around but didn’t see anything.

I jumped out as fast as I could and slammed the door shut. I saw something “slither” out of the corner of my eye behind another trailer. From that day forward I just wouldn’t shut any trailers/buildings near there. It even felt weird in the one trailer (#29, I still remember) during the day as well as the building I mentioned before.

Man that creeped me the fark out. The night security guy also confirmed that he’d hear things from time to time (there were never ANY animals on the premises other than the owner’s dogs who slept inside) and was actually scared to the point where he jogged back to his car and remained there all night (he was a 6’3″ black guy that knew several forms of martial arts).

The only thing scarier than that was how inefficiently the clowns who owned the business ran it.

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