A handsome young black man standing in the kitchen doorway.

June 6, 2011

My story:

My family farm outside Cincinnati still stands. No one lives there anymore, and the land is mostly gone, but the house and several outbuildings still exist. It was built around 1850 by the first Beckers in America. A beautiful old home.

I was visiting relatives there in the fall of 2000, and as per usual, we went to check out The Farm, as we call it, mostly because I wanted my wife to see it.

As we were driving up, I saw, no joke, a handsome young black man standing in the kitchen doorway. I knew the house was vacant, I knew that no one should be in there, so it immediately sent my hackles up. He was there, clear as day, starting out at us as we drove up. I was mere seconds from saying, ‘is someone here? Who is that guy?’ when he dissappeared.

It freaked me out. I did not tell anyone, even my wife, for a few weeks.

The spooky part is that the basement was used as a stopover on the Underground Railroad.

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