There were just shadows, cavities as she called it, where her eyes would have been.

June 5, 2011

This story was told to me by my great aunt (one of my grandmother’s 9 sisters).

In Cuba, where we’re all from, the summers tend to get hot. Coupled with the lack of air conditioning (you’d have to be wealthy to own a unit), people tend to sleep with doors and windows open. One night, my Aunt T was putting her grandchildren to sleep. She laid in bed with them, and they were alone in the home. One of her sisters, Berta, was supposed to be keeping them company tonight, but some last minute event made her change where she slept that night. My Aunt T. says that sometime around 9 p.m. she noticed a figure who, by her description, must have been 7 feet fall. It was human shaped, but seemed to float inside their home. If it had legs, they weren’t visible because a long robe of some sort covered them and dragged along her floor. At this point, rather than scream in fear, My Aunt T decides to lay perfectly still so as to not wake the children. She sees the figure cross the hallway, and head into her room, looming ominously over them. The face, she described, was that of a pale woman, with big red lips and her hair in dreads like that of a Rastafarian man. There were just shadows, cavities as she called it, where her eyes would have been. It left her room through the same way it entered, but didn’t leave. My Aunt’s house is large, and she swears she saw the figure go in and out of each room, take about the same amount of time, then leave. Eventually she ran out of places to in the home to visit, and simply glided out the front door.

My Aunt cries to this very day because, the next morning, her Sister Berta was found dead. Everyone thought it must have been some sort of heart attack or stroke in her sleep because no one heard anything, and they found her where she had laid the night before, only lifeless. My Aunt swears the thing must have been Death itself, searching for her sister where she should have been.

– Posted by Cloud7659; Nosleep


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