Secret Panels

June 5, 2011

For starters I have to admit I was not a big believer in the paranormal before this happened. Always loved to look stuff up about it but only so I could come up with logical explanations for why things would happen.

I’m staying with my family while I’m in college (23 now) and recently we moved a few miles down the road to a bigger house sitting on over 20 acres of land. Rural area and our “new” house is 50-60 years old. The family that lived here before us used to try and say they saw ghosts here but I never really believed them.

We moved in and for the first month or so everything was fine. Then my brother mentions seeing strange shadows at night but I figure he’s messing with me. A couple of weeks go by and I get up at about 2 in the morning to get some water. I open my bedroom door and as I step out into the almost pitch-black hallway I see at the end of the hall a sort of shadowy human shape with no left arm. I stand there in front of my door too stunned to move and it slowly fades away in a strange wavy fashion…hard to explain it really, but it didn’t just slowly fade out. I stand there for close to a minute and finally convince myself it was just a trick of the light in the living room so I walk down the hall and when I pass the spot where the figure was I get a very strange sensation that makes me shudder.

I put it out of my mind for a while until I’m up again at night in the kitchen and see a strange shadow figure standing in our washroom. About 7 foot tall, mostly see-through, and for some reason I felt very afraid of it and ran back to my room and slammed the door closed. The first figure didn’t scare me it was much more of a surprise…this figure scared me. I didn’t believe in this sort of thing…so I started looking online to see if I could be hallucinating. Never done any drugs and never even drank so I thought maybe I could have some sort of mental disorder.

This continued in the weeks to come with my girlfriend (only person I told them about) becoming increasingly worried about me because I was becoming afraid to leave my room at night. Even to this day I never go anywhere in the house at night without a flashlight.

Over a period of 3-4 months I saw at least a dozen different shadowy figures throughout my house seeing some of them multiple times. I thought my room was my safe haven until I saw one staring at me out my window one night and later on a grayish-white blob of a figure moving across the field outside my window. The tall figure has to date been the only one to truly scare me and got to the point where I would start feeling strangely apprehensive at night before going to the kitchen and assume he was there so I’d turn around and come back here. I saw him maybe four times total and I still have nightmares about it.

I have never let my family know what I’ve seen but I have asked a brother if he’s seen anything else around the house since we moved and his answer was, “Yeah this like strange blobish sort of shadow that was like floating in front of your door one night when I went to the bathroom.”…made me feel so much better. ._.

My girlfriend experienced one of these strange occurrences with me which made me feel a lot better about my mental health.

So that is my story. I don’t know why they stopped showing up and frankly I’ve given up trying to understand it. I haven’t seen anything in a few months and I hope I can put this strange experience behind me.

Ya know I may as well add some strange details about our house.

There are secret compartments in multiple rooms of our home. The grandfather of the people that lived here before us built this house (sprawling four bedroom ranch-style I guess) and was way paranoid. My bedroom has a false section of wall with a space between the walls big enough for a person to hide in, my brother’s room has a fake wall in his closet, and the kitchen has a section above the counter that is hollow and looks like there’s another secret compartment there but was sealed years ago.

Oh and since we moved none of us have been able to get into the attic…it’s literally sealed from the inside. That’s always creeped me out…

I assumed that at first it was just my eyes playing tricks on me until it kept happening again and again and the figures taking on different shades (some were pitch dark others were shades of gray and one that I saw twice was almost white).

The occurrence my girlfriend was a part of was during about a week or so I started getting loud knocks on my windows late at night. Just one knock and then nothing.

One night me and her were on the phone when it occurs. All she hears is a loud bang and then me being absolutely quiet…so she says, “What the hell was that? Are you okay?”. So I tell her what it was and maybe an hour later it happens again. Like I said those didn’t last long but she heard it a few times and made me feel better that I wasn’t just imagining things.


Or something like that. I am now very intrigued as to what could be in that wall after talking to my father about the man that built this place. Here are two events he just relayed to me.

First off I asked him about the secret panel in my brother’s closet. He laughed and told me the family that was renting here right before we actually bought it didn’t know about it. They were renting from the man (his son’s ex-wife and her boyfriend his son having died of cancer a year or so before this) and he showed up on their doorstep one afternoon asking if he could get something from the house. The man walked into where my brother’s closet is now, opened that panel, and removed A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS from the freaking thing. He was apparently of the Great Depression generation and has never trusted banks. He was a lot wealthier than I thought because the money wasn’t even a big deal to him it was just rainy day funds.

The other story was that when the man divorced his wife he didn’t want her to be able to take any of his savings so he started hiding most of his material wealth (maybe when he hid the money in the wall I dunno). He started putting money between the pages of a certain set of encyclopedias here (his ex-wife found most of them but she thinks some of them are still somewhere around our property we have a lot of unused storage buildings and the such in the woods). The big one though is that he had a large bag of silver coins his ex-wife knew about that he buried on the property. The thing is he forgot where he buried it…his memory was failing him badly before he died. So my father talked to the man’s widow (he remarried) last week and she admitted that yes he did bury a few bags of silver on our property and she had no clue where it would be except she knows he buried it along the tree line of our woods. So, I am seriously considering getting a metal detector and roaming around out there for a few hours to see if I can’t locate it.

This makes me curious as to what could be behind that panel if anything or if there really is a secret panel in the kitchen that was boarded up.

– Posted by carnthorn1; Nosleep


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