“Don’t worry. I love you.”

June 4, 2011

I’m reluctant to post something, but I actually heard this and couldn’t explain it. I still think it could be a coincidence, but a very strange one. Last year my uncle died of ALS. It came quick and painful, and it sucked. He was a happy man, and a very cool guy. He didn’t have a funeral, just a gathering of everyone with food and beer and a little memorial service after. I kept hearing everyone talking about some phone call to his son, and wanting to hear the actual story, I asked him. He pulled out his phone without talking and showed me the missed call list. His father’s number was on it. Two days after he died. He told me he also got three other calls, which would say ‘unknown’ on the caller id. It would vibrate when it was set to ring. On the last call, he noticed there were two voicemails. He listened to them and the first was a bunch of static. Just static. He listened to the next one and it was more static. But it seemed like someone was talking. He listened to it four more times before he heard a voice which he swears is his father saying “Don’t worry. I love you.” He let everyone hear the messages. Whether it’s true, or not true, or a coincidence, I was a little unnerved. And it was still touching.

– Posted by inkandpavement; Nosleep


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