at the time I thought it was my mother, but looking back I have my doubts.

June 4, 2011

This is just one of the scarier experiences I had; still not sure about this one, but it is weird on so many levels. It has cost me many a night’s sleep thinking about it, and now I hope it will do the same for you.

I was around 12 years old. I grew up in an old house, at least 200 years old, and this place was full of mind shattering experiences; this is just the first that springs to mind. My family and I came to believe that there were a minimum of two spirits in this home, one bright, shining, and peaceful, and the other as dark and malevolent as one can imagine. To my brother and me one acted as a protector, the other a tormentor.

One night I was getting ready for bed, and my mother came in to say goodnight. Well, at the time I thought it was my mother, but looking back I have my doubts. The exchange we had was absolutely nothing like any conversation we had before. My mother always turns away from the supernatural, she’s a good “Church of Christ Christian,” and she doesn’t like to discuss “strange” things at all.

Instead of saying goodnight, she proceeds to tell me how a demon once came to a 12 year old girl. I’m sitting there looking at her, thinking this is way out of character for Mom. She tells me it came at night crawled up next to the girl, and began growling in her left ear. She told me the girl said the Lord’s Prayer over and over and it eventually went away.

I remember looking at her, trying to ascertain why she was telling me this story. I was quite stunned by her telling me anything supernatural in nature, and I really could not figure out why she was telling me this right before I went to bed.

Lights out and I am lying there really trying to make sense of why Mom would say those things. I try to blow it off, and I am getting comfortable snuggling into the covers and turn on my right side.

Suddenly, with no warning, the most awful, fearsome noise I have ever heard in my life, before or since, starts up in my left ear. It wasn’t human or animal. The sound was so close; the grating, growling, scratching, moaning sound that was pouring in my left ear had me paralyzed. I was terrified, stunned; I couldn’t move. I was afraid to breathe. I wanted to scream, but I was afraid of the consequences from the growling thing at my left ear.

I am not now, nor was I then a Christian, but at that moment I thought saying the Lord’s Prayer might be a good idea. It didn’t have any effect, but I was only reciting it in my head. I was too terrified to say anything aloud. The growling continued for what felt like an eternity, but it was probably more like ten minutes of mind-wrenching, logic-blasting horror. It suddenly stopped, I lay there listening for the foot (or hoof) falls of something leaving, but there were no other sounds. I lay there until the sun rose, trying to make sense of this experience.

As of yet, I cannot come up with an explanation. I have heard dogs growl, mountain lions scream, and bears roar, but I have never heard a sound like that one. No horror movie special effects can recreate that layered, ethereal, hair-raising sound.

Even at the age of 12, I was a skeptic. I lay there trying to find an earthly source for this (without opening my eyes!) I knew no one would fit under the bed, no one (visible) had crawled beside the bed as I turned the lamp off after “Mom” had left the room. To this day, I still have doubts as to whether this was really my mother or not; I can stress to you enough how out of character this conversation was for her. I sometimes wonder if it was really the protective spirit trying to warn me of what was to come.

I still cannot figure out how someone could have gotten into the room unnoticed, much less how they could have produced that sound just centimeters from my left ear.

P.S. As I was proof-reading this, the phone rang. It was my mother. I just had to ask her. I could not hold back. I asked her about the incident. What she said scared me maybe even more than the growling itself all those years ago. She adamantly said there was no way that was her. She said, “You know I don’t tell tall-tales. And why would I scare you like that before bed?”

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