“white man with a pointy hat”

June 3, 2011

I could write a book about all the weird spectral shenanigans in my life.

I will share with you for now the first really scary one I can recall.

I was pretty young, a kid, around 7 maybe. It was a normal day, nothing weird going on and I was playing with my little brother while my mom was getting ready for work or something.

So, I’m having little kid fun, playing with toys or whatever I did, and I start to hear this weird squishy noise. It was coming from outside and it sounded like someone walking in mud. Squish Squash Squish Squash.

“What the hell” I thought with less vulgarity at the time. No one should be outside walking around the house! So I looked out the window and saw who it was.

I’m sure you have heard of shadow people. Just all black human shapes made of darkness and god knows what. Well this one was all white and had a really pointy hat, like a wizard hat! It sounds goofy but it scared the shit out of me.

What the hell was this guy? I didn’t and still don’t know but he marched around the house for hours. I could hear him when he got close to the room or window I was by. I could see him to if I got the balls to peak.

So, eventually that stops, and I scare my parents by telling them about some “white man with a pointy hat” walking around outside.

But that night, shit got real.

I was laying in my bed, having just woken up to a full bladder. I was pretty nervous to walk down the hall though to relieve myself because I knew there was something in it (the hall). So I lay there for a few moments, trying to psyche myself up to piss. “It’s probably just scary because it’s dark” blah blah blah THEN BAM!

This mother fucker peaks into my room. Some shadow guy this time, all black. It was like he was standing just outside my door and just peaked in with his head and upper body. This dick just stares at me! Just peaking in and staring at me! No features, just blackness.

After the gut dropping shock wore off I screamed like the child I was. My parents came into the room, but just before they did, he pulled back around the corner. My parents would have to have run through him to come into my room. They didn’t notice him.

A year or two later, I had moved rooms. It was night again and I was laying in bed with that same creeped out feeling. Something shitty was afoot. And just as I start to get really worried it happens.

Some fucking shadow “child” walks into my room and stands by the side of my bed. My mind is blown, my guts are churning, if I knew profanity back then my inner dialogue would have been a monolithic “FUCK!”. I can’t express how creepy this was.

So this pure black shadow being, the size of a kid, just stood there, staring at me even though he didn’t have eyes that I could see. The only thing I could do was shut my eyes and shut them hard. I could still feel the thing though, nasty. And every time I dared to peak to see if it was gone, it wasn’t.

Eventually I rolled over slowly and just lay there for a really long time until it had left and I got sleepy again. Holy shit, I hate those guys haha.

I guess when I was even younger, I don’t remember this, but my mother told me this. I was in the tub hanging out, taking a bath and my mom hears me talking to someone.

“Who are you talking too” she asks.

“That guy there, he is black and has a funny hat!” I say.

She is worried….

“Uhhh, don’t talk to strangers” she says.

So that is my brief retelling of most of my young history with fucking creepy shadow beings. Weird guys, never feel good to be around. Not sure what they are all about.

I will relate to you now a couple of things that used to happen in a cemetery a buddy of mine lived, literally, next door to.

This was a little cemetery. Maybe close to 100 folks beneath the dirt. However, there is a mass grave in the back full of children from a local group home who all died of the fever plague of farmer days or whatever. And for whatever reason, there can be found a small headstone marked of a 3 month old girl with an inverted pentacle as her symbol. Very odd.

So, being teenagers we used to fuck around down there all the time. Looking for ghost trouble. Had a little camp out back in the small forest even. Although, at night, it could get really, really intense.

The first thing I saw in that place was pretty spooky. We were hanging out by the roadside, looking into the cemetery. Not much was going on but we were waiting and yelling at the ghosts do entertain us. Then we noticed a car coming down the road.

So we stood just in the cemetery off the road. The car passes and as is it does I look at it. Then I look back at the cemetery and some fucking guy is standing right next to me wearing some 18th century long coat and grinning! “WHAT THE FUCK!” I boldly proclaimed and jumped half way across the god damn road in a single bound.

My buddies didn’t see him but I sure as hell did. Why did he have to be such a creepy dick? Oh well, his loss.

There was actually a ghost there that we had a name for. His name was “Peeper”. He would always be around and what he would do is peek around the side of trees or whatever he could. He would always be a ways away and when you saw him he would duck back into hiding. Nice guy really, he looked like a shadow man but he didn’t have the skin-crawling vibe they do.

HAha, one night, and I know you will think this is made up, but we were hanging out there again. I’m pretty sure we were all trying to get something out of the ghosts again. “Fuck you ghosts! Your all dead because you suck! AHahahahah” You know, teenagers.

So, after we did our best to piss them all off, they reacted.

In the forest behind the cemetery, we heard something big absolutely blast off from one end to the other. It ran/flew through the forest, breaking sticks and stirring up leaves all along the way. WOOOSHHHH! And then, I’m totally serious, a fucking loud moan came out of those woods. We could hear it from the damn road!


Fuck that, we ran.

I posted this one in another thread so I will paraphrase here now…

Same cemetery, same fucking around. This night a huge storm was on the way. Lighting, thunder, cemetery, ghosts. Awesome.

This night though, it had the feel that it would get once in a while. Walking down to the cemetery sometimes you would just know it was a bad night for it. You would feel so nervous and sick. But this night, it just spurred us on.

So we get down there, fucking lighting is blasting all over the place. Winds are coming in. What the hell are we doing down here? Witnessing fucking high weirdness as it turned out.

We are on the road again, looking into the place. A couple feet away from me, in the cemetery grass, just off the ground I see a small green light.

“Firefly” I wonder to myself. “Too cold…what the hell…”

Then everyone else clues in on it and looks. Man, this little green light, just grew into a softball size green light ball. Just like that! So now we are all watching this mind blowing orb of green light (which oddly enough it didn’t give off light, it just was light) rolling around a few inches off the ground, a few feet from us.

Then another one popped on. Oh shit. Once again we all ran as hard as we could away haha. What the hell man.

Now, there are more stories of this place that I can share, but I will leave you for now with my favorite happening there.

To preface this one, I don’t know if this was supernatural or normal, but it was fucking awesome anyways.

So, this night, we are playing hide and seek in the cemetery. Tons of scary fun and I’m sure the ghosts were enjoying it as well (maybe). I ran around to the tool shed away from the seeker and climbed on the roof. Surely no one would find me there.

So I watch everyone below me, running around and yelling. Everyone is having a blast. Then I look out across the field on the opposite side of the road. What is that? Looks like something…a …

It was a wall of dark black fog, absolutely rushing across the field and at the cemetery. It was exactly the hight of the roof I was on. This body of fog totally just, I can’t find the words to describe the swiftness of it.

Anyways, it seemed to stop in the cemetery. Everyone at the same time they got hit by it went totally silent and all left the cemetery. So there I am, on the roof of the building all by myself and I have to walk all the way across the cemetery now alone through this mist….ugh.

I hop down off the roof and man, it felt like I was on mars, it was totally alien. You couldn’t see very far in front of you, a few feet maybe. I would see the headstones come into my vision but they were just scary shapes at first. So I walked very very briskly through this shit back to the road without any event.

And man, JUST the very second I got to the road with everyone else, BAM. Fog left. Totally gone. Just zipped away as quick as it came.

Now like I said, it might have just been some fog and good timing. But it didn’t feel that way haha

Pretty cool place. Their house was haunted too. If you were alone you would hear people chatting but you would never really find out the source of the sound. Always seemed to be coming from another room, like you were close to the noise, but never quite there.

– Posted by Tibetan_Sorceror ; Nosleep


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