June 3, 2011

First off, I would like to point out that this story is 100% real. There have been no fabrications, this is all true.

My sophomore year in college, my roommate and I moved out of the on-campus dorms, and into off-campus apartments, though the apartments were still owned by the school. The apartment was much larger than the dorms, and we had a little more freedom (though we still ended up getting in trouble for EMPTY beer bottles) so we liked it. Here is the apartment layout. The red circles are where I saw the ghost, and the green circles are where my roommate saw the ghost.

So to get right to the messy shit… The first encounter we had with our apartment ghost was the night after my 19th birthday. I was asleep, and for some reason woke up around 1:30. I’m a bit thirsty, so I roll over to get up, but I stop. There is someone standing ON my roommate’s bed. I’ve seen him sleepwalk once, so I assume it’s him, but then I see him move under the covers. I can’t explain exactly what this thing was, but it was human in shape and relatively short, but it had a sort of electrical-fuzzy aura surrounding it, if that makes any sense at all. It is doing nothing but standing presumably on my roommates feet, watching him sleep. Obviously, I’m not fully awake, so I squeeze my eyes shut, rub them, and open them. Only to discover the intruder is gone. I chalk it up to being tired, so I go get some Gatorade and go back to sleep. My roommate is an early riser, so I wake up and walk out into the living room to see him on the couch. He jumps when I come around the corner and proceeds to tell me about the thing he saw the previous night. His story almost exactly matches mine, the only difference being that the thing was standing at the foot of my bed (instead of on top of it) watching me.

We stay on the lookout for more weird things, but nothing happens for a while. After about a month, right before we head home for Christmas break, both of us have two sightings each. One of my sightings was again at night after waking up thirsty, and again around 1:30 am. This time, the same apparition is sitting at my roommate’s desk, just staring at the wall. Another day, my roommate is shaving in the bathroom and leans over to rinse his face. When he comes back up and looks in the mirror, he can see the same figure in our bedroom, looking out the window. Our second sighting was mutual, my roommate and I are lying in our beds, about to fall asleep when we see something large move in the closet. Just a quick glimpse of a big shadow and the sound of coat hangers hitting eachother, but nothing more.

We were a little freaked, but the ghost never did anything to harm us, so we gave him a name (Phillip) and would try to talk to him while drunk. During the spring semester, my roommate and I were standing in the parking lot one night with some friends, having a couple beers and talking about Phil. He and I had our backs to the apartment, but our two friends are facing us and the apartment. I see one of them squint and look at something behind us, so we turn around and in our bedroom window, we see something peaking out of the blinds. We all stare for a few seconds, and then whatever it is backs away from the window, letting the blinds sway back and forth. Like I said, this thing is hard to describe. It’s just a short humanoid fuzzy black thing with no discernable face. Light has no affect on it; it’s like a black hole or a void that sucks in light and doesn’t let it escape.

Eventually, we gather up the nerve to go back inside, only to find nothing. That was the last time anyone ever saw Phil. With the exception of the closet incident, we never heard any noise from Phil. He never caused any harm, or broke anything, or turned off the lights or whatever. He was just a quiet, unsettling presence.

We moved out the following year, but sometimes when it’s ultra boring we wish Phil had followed us to keep us company.

– Posted by fbpsb82; Nosleep


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