I clearly heard the voices call me by name.

June 3, 2011

So this story is about my first ever apartment. After graduating from undergraduate, I moved back home to attend graduate school. I was very excited to have my own space that I paid for. My boyfriend also moved in with me, and it was the first time we lived together, after three years of a long distance relationship. To say I was happy about this arrangement was an understatement.

It began small. Our moods darkened, I fell into a depression. The apartment seemed dark and shady, no matter the time of day. At night, I would hear whispers. The voices would be indiscriminate, and I couldn’t distinguish definite words from any of the noise. I would sit up in bed and open my eyes, expecting the voices to stop. They didn’t. Only after my boyfriend was awake and asking me if I was OK, would they quiet down. This happened three-four times in the span of six months. The last time it occured, I clearly heard the voices call me by name. The next day, I came home from work and my boyfriend said that while he was home alone, he heard someone say hello to him very loudly and clearly.

A month later, nothing further had happened. We had assumed everything had been in our heads, and nothing was going on. A case of mass hysteria between two people, as it were. Until one night, when we were getting ready for bed, it came back. I was in the bathroom and he in the bedroom down the hall. I was watching the patch of light underneath the door where the hall light shown in ( the light in the bathroom was off.) As I watched, a shadow walked across the doorway, and stood in front of it, blocking the light. I opened the door quickly after gathering my courage, and nothing was there. No light obstruction, and nothing that could have obstructed it. After I closed the door, I looked down again to see the shadow once again in front of the door. I never told my boyfriend what I saw, afraid he would think me crazy. Two weeks later, he reported to his mother that this very same night, he swore he saw something walk in front of the bedroom door, obstructing the light, and move down the hallway towards the bathroom. He didn’t tell me, either.

Needless to say, we were spooked. We looked up and performed a smudging ritual on ourselves and our apartment. All strange occurences stopped. We moved out as soon as our lease was up (because of this and other reasons.) We moved on a Sunday, and I received a call from the apartment complex Monday. Maintenance had visited our apartment to fix a broken interior door we had reported before we moved, and we still had the keys because the lease wasn’t up for three more days. They asked me why I wasn’t answering them, and why I wasn’t letting them in. I told them that I had moved out yesterday, and to go ahead and go in, nothing was in there. The maintenance man stopped, and said slowly,

“But if you’re not there, why do I see a shadow walking across your living room and standing in front of your balcony?”

After opening the unit, every window and door was found to be secured from the inside. The unit had been vacant for years before we moved in, and they had trouble keeping it occupied. I wonder why….

BTW. my boyfriend’s username is CptDerpiDerp if you would like him to confirm.

– Posted by Accenda; Nosleep


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