Around this time came William.

June 3, 2011

I believe in the supernatural, and I’d have to be really arrogant to think humans are the only life forms and what not. I don’t have a UFO story, but my house has a portal in the attic, which is close to my room.

A little backstory, I moved into this house a few months after my fifth birthday, my house was built in 1932 it’s a two story with a basement, wasn’t taken care of at all by the previous owner, my room was about the size of a walk in closet. (We recently had it extended) the ceiling of my room on one half was at a tilt so think | \ I had a window on one side of my bedroom, closest to my door (which had a fabric flap on it, not an actual door) and my closet is directly a crossed from this window.

One time, when my bed was against my window, I woke up to lights, which were from the cars going up my road and I looked out my window cus I enjoyed watching the light patterns and what not when I couldn’t sleep. I saw a male body, hanging, I only saw from his chest down but I assumed he was hanging by the neck as his hands were dangling, I screamed bloody murder and ran into my parents room and slept there for the night. After that I would see red eyes in my closet and I had pulled the curtains over my window by this point. I liked dinosaurs but the thought of them living with us scared the crap out of me, I would call the red eyes ‘the dinosaur in my closet’ because I didn’t know what else it would be. My parents are christian so the only ‘ghost’ they believe in is the holy one. So I was constantly told there was no such thing blah blah blah (you try getting a five year old to believe that theres no such things as ghosts) I never thought it was a ghost, I thought it was a dinosaur (I was stupid yea yea :p)

I got a new bed later on, it was a canopy bed so it had to be nearest my closet and on the part with the higher ceiling. (|- ) I wake up again to lights, I am about seven now, and I look up and see a silhouette of a guy on the slanted ceiling, holding a huge butcher knife up as if he’s over my bed. I once more run into my parents room. (By this time you skeptics might be saying that it’s shadows from a tree, there are no trees by my window. There is nothing by that window that would put these shapes out there, and as for dreams or overactive imagination? I was a very sheltered kid, I couldn’t even watch all dogs go to heaven when I was a kid, why would I be making up a hanging and a guy with a knife? I never watched the news or anything, just silly children’s shows)

Around this time came William. According to my mom, I would call him my ‘other daddy’ and he told me about how he helped build Mt. Rushmore, how he was working on the nose of Abe Lincoln, and how proud he was to be doing that. (At this time I didn’t even know there was a Mountain with people’s faces on it, let alone President’s faces. Young dumb and sheltered) My mom recently told me it creeped her out how I would be going on in detail about explosives, and picks and what not. That guy taught me to wiggle my ears without touching them. He left after a while.

By this time I made a friend up the road. She came down to spend the night one night and we slept on our recliner couch (recliners on both sides, quite nice) We had the exact same dream of the couch moving from the living room into the kitchen and when pushed back into the living room there was a coffin in the middle of my living room with a woman and a young girl inside of it. We woke up standing, the couch was glued to our backs for a split second before it crashed down, onto the wall. We were not nearly strong enough to hold that couch up let alone move it, in our sleeps.

We would also play with these little horses, and we would leave a baby horse out for the little girl that lived with me, and every time we did, that little horse would move a crossed the floor from where I was playing to where my friend was playing. We didn’t feel creeped out in the least bit by her, or the grandpa (who I suspect was my great grandpa Leo) It was the ‘guy in my closet’ who also was ‘Mr. Nobody’ my imaginary friend.

I have a ton of stories, absolute TON. I get followed around by these guys, sometimes it’s nice, most of the time it’s creepy.

Fast forward a few years (I am only going to go for the big ‘omg’ moments now) I am 16, living with that same friend I mentioned before. We are in her room, playing with her tarot cards (which I don’t suggest doing unless you have someone there who knows what they are doing and can teach you) and we get hungry, so we get up and go to the kitchen, where we see this HUGE black shadow come out of her parents room and into the dining room, we said fuck it and ran back into her room and shut the door. We felt that thing on the other side of the door, sitting there. Waiting. We eventually fell asleep.

Let’s see, a few years back, I was living with my (now ex)boyfriend but I was spending the night at my parent’s. My cat Kuro was on my bed and her hair was on end and she was glued to staring at my cracked open door. So being tired, I couldn’t see anything so I took a few pictures with my phone and left it at just being a weird feeling. Next morning I looked at the pictures, and almost clear as day you can see a baby sitting there, staring inside my room. I hate baby/kid ghosts.

Another one, at the apartment, my other cat Diana, was howling, this cat never meowed let alone howled. She would always make a chirping noise. I would go out and she would be following and sniffing then would sit there staring at air with her head cocked to the side. Three more times of this and the final time I saw her fur being pushed back by nothing and she was sitting there purring. I shrugged it off as just a gentle ghost had stopped by to say hi (by now I was used to this stuff) and as I was walking back to my room, my mom called. My grandma had just died. She was checking in on me.

Hmm…I was sober all of these times, perhaps half awake as a child but as I said why would I make that up that young and that sheltered? -shrugs- Believe me or not. Also some notes: ‘Guy in closet’ and ‘Dinosaur’ (same person) his name is George, he died in the late 70’s, he hung himself, right before the rope tightened he changed his mind on dying but it was too late. He is not that bad anymore, sometimes I will hear a malicious jeer while I am in the shower or my lights will flicker randomly, but I just know he’s just being an asshole cus he knows he can get away with it.

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