“There appears to be blood on the floor in the bathroom.”

May 31, 2011

I’ve been working for this hotel for a few years now. This story happened when I had only been here for two months.

Imagine any hotel at any exit from any major highway. That’s pretty much where I work. Nothing fancy, but certainly not a no-tell motel. I started in September, and by November I thought I knew everything there was to know about this place. Every room, every closet, all of the weekly guests… Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. That is, until November 16th. I checked in a regular, someone who stays with us three nights a week, every week, and everything went fine with check-in. As soon as the guest got to their room, he called back down, “Hi, this is Mr.Brown, room 1204, you just checked me in… Yes… There appears to be blood on the floor in the bathroom…” Of course, this is odd because our maids are very good, and thorough. I apologized to him, and told him I’d be right up to help him move his luggage to a new room. After he was settled, I went to inspect the “blood” on the bathroom floor. It was spotless. Absolutely clean. I checked the room top to bottom, nothing. I just shrugged it off, and went back to work.

The next night, November 17th, I had a woman come in very late, looking very tired. I checked her in to 1204. She took her keys and hurried up to the room. I immediately got a call from her, “Hi, this is Ms. Smith, this room is ice cold! This won’t do at all, why would you give someone a room where the heater doesn’t work?!” I apologized to her, and went up there to see if I could fix the heater. As soon as I entered the room, the heater kicked on and she seemed happy so I left. No sooner do I get to the desk and she’s calling me, more upset and even more frantic, “There is blood in the bathroom! It’s all over the floor and the bathtub, is this some kind of sick joke?!” Again, I apologized profusely, and escorted her and her bags to a new room. When I went back to check the bathroom, it was clean. Spotless. So now I’m a little freaked out. Two nights in a row? I figured maybe she was just tired, imagining things, and left a note for the housekeepers to clean the bathroom really well the next morning.

The following night, November 18th, we were sold out, save for one room. I had purposely tried not to check anyone into it, because of the previous two nights. Right about midnight, as I’m closing my shift, a man comes in to the lobby. He explains that the other two hotels next to us are already sold out, and just begging that I might have a room left. I felt bad for him, so I told myself that I was being irrational not selling our last room, and I checked him in. He thanks me and heads up. A few moments later he walks back into the lobby, looking so pale I could swear his skin was a green color and his eyes were wide. He just drops his room key on the desk, and walks out. Doesn’t look at me, doesn’t turn his head, just walks out. I ran out into the parking lot, trying to find out what had happened. All he mumbled to me as he was getting into his car was, “the room was so cold.. colder than it is outside… the bathroom is covered in blood.. the floor, the bathtub.. the mirror.. it’s everywhere..” I have never seen someone peel out of a parking lot as fast as he did. I immediately went up to the room, I figured this time for sure something would be there. Nothing. It was spotless, the temperature was fine, the bathroom was clean and smelled of bleach and Lysol from the extra cleaning the crew had done that morning. Now I’m really scared, so I called my manager to try and figure out WHAT on earth was going on. Here’s the story she told me:

Shortly after the hotel was built in the 1980’s, a man checked in for 3 nights, November 16th, 17th, and 18th. After he checked in, no one heard from him the rest of the stay. The day he was due to check out, a maid tried to enter his room. Instantly she was hit with a blast of freezing cold air. As she opened the door she saw a chair blocking her path. On the chair was a note, it read something like, “Please turn around. Go downstairs and call the police. You do not want to see what is in this room. -M.K.” So the maid, obviously freaked out, gets the manager and calls the police. What they found in the room was horrific. Apparently, the man had tried to overdose on pills, and hadn’t quite taken enough to kill himself, but enough that he was vomiting, in a lot of pain, and evidently had “other” bodily functions as a result of the overdose. Determined to end it that night, he had written the note for the maid, put it by the door, then gone into the bathroom, and slit his wrists. He had done a poor job of that, as well, and by the time he died he had sprayed blood on the mirror, the bathtub, the floor, the walls… Everywhere. And his body and the room had sat like this for 3 days. The other odd thing that was noted was that his air conditioner had been turned on full blast… In the middle of November. This was odd but was first chalked up to the man not being right after consuming the pills. It was later pieced together who the man was. He was a local business man whose family had recently died. The week before, as he was leaving for work very early in the morning, he noticed his house was a little chilly, and had turned up the heat so that when his wife and young son woke up, it would be warmer. Unfortunately, there was something flammable too close to the radiator in the bedroom, and the house caught fire. His wife and son were burned to death.

According to my manager, every year on Nov. 16th, 17th, and 18th, the same thing happens. Guests… see things… in the room.

Sorry if that was long winded, but I thought you all might enjoy the story.

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