the sound of someone swishing around in the bathtub

May 31, 2011

I was vacationing with my family in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee when I was about 15. My parents had rented a beautiful cabin for a few nights. My sister (who was 14) and I got the bedroom in the basement which had an adjoining bathroom while my brother slept on a couch upstairs and my parents had the bedroom upstairs.

The first night my sister and I were awakened by the sound of someone walking downstairs and turning on the TV in the room next to our bedroom and going back upstairs. Not a big deal we thought, our brother had probably wandered down, stayed for a bit and gone back upstairs to sleep.

The second night, we were once again awakened by the sound of someone walking downstairs. This time, however, they opened our bedroom door (although we didn’t see anyone) and walked back upstairs – way creepier than the first night, but still not a BIG deal.

The third night however, we lost it. The footsteps came downstairs again. Then nothing. Then footsteps in OUR BATHROOM. Then the sound of someone swishing around in the bathtub full of water as if enjoying a lovely soak. At this point we are holding our breaths hoping the sounds weren’t real. The final straw was the sound of whoever – or whatever – standing up out of their bath and the wet foot hitting the tile floor.

We couldn’t get up the stairs fast enough. We spend the rest of the night/day trying to investigate the source of the sounds with no luch. I have NEVER been so terrified in my life. That was 8 years ago and I still get chills just telling the story. I wish my sister could argue with me and tell me I had been making this up. NOPE.

– Posted by Ginger; Lemondrop


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