Prove It.

May 31, 2011

Well I should give you some background information. It was 2004 my friends and I are in 11th grade and to say the least.. we were complete dumb asses, theres 4 of us A,D,M and me.

One day at lunch we are talking about random stupid scary shit / scary stories. So i tell the story of how my mom and her friend used a Ouija-board and how she can’t talk about her experience because of how crazy it was. All she ever told me was to 1. Don’t ever fucking touch one. 2. If you are retarded and don’t listen to me don’t ever bring one into this house or you’ll open a portal to the dead or the underworld or whatever she said I forget the exact words. Well of course we all call bullshit and go buy one.

We waited about 2 weeks to mess with it because A’s parents were leaving for the weekend. It was probably around 9 maybe 9:30 p.m on Friday we lock the doors and turn off all the lights and go upstairs to A’s room. We lite 4 candles and open that bitch up and start messing around. Since it is A’s house we let him do the controlling; however, we all come up with questions to ask. First A asked “is anyone or anything here” it spells out “yes”. I thought it was A was fucking around but fuck it I’ll go along and ask a question, I asked “how old are you?” it responds with “16 17 17 17” our ages. A goes again and asked “are you a guy or a girl” no response he then asked “what’s your name” no response. D asked “are you still here?” it responds and says “yes”.

That’s when I heard the first noise, it sounded like a door opened and closed but it wasn’t loud at all. No one said anything so I figured I was paranoid and D asked another question “are you female or male” it replied with “neither”. Well that was trippy and A is a douche so still figure he’s messing around. I ask “evil or peaceful” it spells out “demonic” now we are scared well everyone but M he’s been pretty calm this whole time. M asked “prove it” one candle is blown out.

I’m pretty fucking over it and scared shitless everyone is saying “wtf, o shit” “lets get the fuck out of here”. M goes on a rampage and starts saying “pussie, real demonic you pussie” now we all heard noises from the hall just loud bangs like someone was stomping on the floor and hitting the walls. This can’t be real but how are we all hearing the same shit?? A goes for the light it doesn’t come on.. This whole time M is still talking shit “I knew you it was you A you and that demon are both pussies” etc. D stands up and in the most evil demonic voice nothing like I have ever heard and says “you want demonic?” “I’ll show you demonic” but he doesn’t do shit he is just standing there in a trance or something.

We all kind of spread of out and form a triangle around him. I’d say a minute maybe a little less he turns and stares at M for probably 15seconds starts screaming, (but it wasn’t a scream I really can’t describe it) and begins attacking M with his nails and starts biting him around his chest and neck. I try to move and help him but I’m honestly frozen. A is freaking the fuckout and kicks D in the face and continues to kick him now D attacks A. I’m moving now I’m flicking the light over and over it won’t turn on the door won’t open. I saw a lamp on A’s desk turned it on to find a weapon. D stops instantly walks out and goes somewhere, I’m not sure where. I go to do M he’s pretty fucked up a chunk of his cheek was gone and was bleeding a lot from his neck. A isn’t that bad he fought him off well he had a lot of scratches but not many bite marks.

We call 911 didn’t explain the situation just told them to hurry the fuck up. At this point we are locked in the bathroom waiting for police. We hear footsteps all over the house along with some growling noises, I couldn’t tell if I was A’s dog or D looking for us. The police show up and enter through the locked front door – I guess D left through that door. They search the house top to bottom D isn’t anywhere. M goes to the hospital A comes to my house to sleepover until his parents return. So M’s parents go to the hospital and stay over night with him. He’s allowed to go home the next day. M returns home and finds D dead in his bathroom in the tub, he set him self on fire believe it or not. There was no suicide note. I’m not sure if it D was depressed/psycho scarring us for life and offing himself(He was never showed any signs..but some don’t) or if D was truely possessed. A moved 2-3 months later because of steps/loudnoises/growing and other unexplainable shit, he moved about an hour away. M hasn’t and will never be the same. He is a heavy drinker and pill popper. This all happened within 15 minutes we were all 100% sober. I’m not in contact with either M or A. My advice to you – don’t fuck with these things. I’ll never forget that Friday night and the call I got from M the next morning.

– Posted by throwaway3000z; Nosleep


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