she saw her uncle standing in a field

May 30, 2011

I personally haven’t seen anything unexplainable, but I know very reliable people who have, you know, down to earth type of people who wouldn’t lie or tell a tall story just for kicks.

This one girl I know said she saw her uncle standing in a field as she was driving somewhere. It seemed odd to her for him to be there but she didn’t think anything of it. Later that day she received a call from family that her uncle had died sometime the previous night.

A guy I used to work with told me a story, years ago while in bed he woke up for some reason, and right by his bedside there was a kid standing there dressed in Amish clothing. Surprised and frightened, he instictively grabbed the covers and hid underneath. When he peeked out the kid was gone. An Amish family did used to live there before him.

– Posted by burritocmdr ; Reddit


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